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Writing Wednesday – Female Characters

So you’ve figured out what you want to write about and you’ve read through the ABC’s of Erotica and you’ve got your plot figured out. Now it’s time you sit down and work out the ins and outs of your Female Character’s story. This is the information I’ve learned from being in the industry for

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What Do I Write About?

You’ve read through my posts and have decided to do this thing. To write erotica. But now you might be thinking “but what do I write about?” The awesome thing about erotica is you can make just about every novel erotic. You could write an erotic-fantasy or an erotic-horror, an erotic-thriller, etc. Genre Erotica is

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The ABC’s of Writing Erotica

Welcome to The ABC’s of Writing Erotica where I give you five letters (starting with A and ending at Z) each one focuses on something to do with Erotica to help you step up your a-game! It can be descriptions, images, plot points, etc. Today I have for you A-E. Enjoy. XX. A is for

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