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Trojan Vibrations Hot Spot Vibrating Ring

Welcome back to another review Wednesday! Part 2 in my Trojan reviews. In fact, there’s one more item I really want to try out so this might even turn into a four-part review. Cock rings for me have always been hit and miss. While I have enjoyed some in the past, there have been a

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Trojan Vibrations Ultra Touch Review

Review time, baby. N and I were at Target one day (sans kids) and decided to just go for it to try some of these items out. On our trip we picked up the Trojan Vibrations Ultra Touch. I was very interested in this as it is sold almost everywhere, and I’ve always thought “how

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Lacey Peach Panties

Hello and welcome to blogmas here at Ashley Dannielle! ❤ I’m so excited to be participating this year and I have some great things planned! I’ve got so much lined up from sexy tips to advice, to reviews, to sexy holiday-themed short stories. I hope you enjoy the next 25 days. Make sure you’re subscribed

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