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Second Favorite

My second favorite toy is the removable shower head in mine & N’s bathroom. This thing has almost as much power as my Satisfyer Pro Penguin. Sometimes it can take a bit to orgasm and I’m not sure if that’s because water makes it harder or because when I use it, I’m usually taking a

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Spice Things Up Leave The Bedroom

Sometimes shit happens in life and we end up getting caught up in it all. We’ll put sex on the backburner and focus on what’s going on. While that’s okay to do some, if you do it too much you risk putting your entire relationship on the back burner and then things fizzle out and

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Santa’s Special Naughty List

Hello and welcome to blogmas here at Ashley Dannielle! ❤ I’m so excited to be participating this year and I have some great things planned! I’ve got so much lined up from sexy tips to advice, to reviews, to sexy holiday-themed short stories. I hope you enjoy the next 25 days. Make sure you’re subscribed

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