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Masturbation Monday – Opening Act Review

I haven’t done a Masturbation Monday in a bit. I had another post planned for today, but I’ve tried something out as well as a friend and I just can’t go another moment without reviewing it for you all. How fitting that it’s a clitoral vibrator too. Opening Act Clitoral Vibrator The design of this

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Tuesday Tips – How To Give A Killer Handjob

Sometimes it’s just a lot of fun to do some mutual masturbation. It’s something that’s different and can be used in a variety of situations from just because to not being able to have sex in the place you’re at. I wish I could find the post on Reddit I read a while back. (Before

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Last night, I went to my bestie’s for a wedding sneak peek pure romance party since she is getting married in October! It was my first ever pure romance party, though I have been invited to plenty over the years. It was so much more fun than I had expected! I learned some new things

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