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Masturbation Monday – Squirting

Are you a squirter? Have you met a squirter? Do you consider it the unicorn of sexuality due to it’s rareness? If so then nice to meet you, I’m a unicorn. Squirting has long been seen in porn while it’s hard to find in the real world. It’s really not that hard to squirt, but

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Second Favorite

My second favorite toy is the removable shower head in mine & N’s bathroom. This thing has almost as much power as my Satisfyer Pro Penguin. Sometimes it can take a bit to orgasm and I’m not sure if that’s because water makes it harder or because when I use it, I’m usually taking a

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The Weirdest Sex Toy Laws That Still Exist

Masturbating is fucking awesome and getting to use a toy (or even using the said toy during sex) makes things so much more exciting. You’d think in 2019 there wouldn’t be any restrictions in the United States, but here we are with two of the weirdest sex toy laws. ALABAMA’s “Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act” I just

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