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Writing Plot-Focused Erotica

Let’s be honest here, writing erotica is fairly easy. You don’t have to know a lot about writing or even be very good at it. You just have to be good at sex and writing about it. People eat it up for the sex scenes. But if you want to write really good erotica, you

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What Do I Write About?

You’ve read through my posts and have decided to do this thing. To write erotica. But now you might be thinking “but what do I write about?” The awesome thing about erotica is you can make just about every novel erotic. You could write an erotic-fantasy or an erotic-horror, an erotic-thriller, etc. Genre Erotica is

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Spice Things Up – Different Positions

Series Post 001 Spicing things up in the bedroom from time to time will keep the passion between you and your partner, alive. This is going to be an ongoing series of tips. (*Note is this 100% NSFW. You have been warned.) What Positions do you Normally use? Think about the last time you had

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