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Drive Him Wild

I’ve talked a lot about seduction and what guys can do like fingering and foreplay today I want to focus my Tuesday Tips on him. These tips are coming right from what N likes so not every person with a dick is going to like these specific things, but it won’t hurt to try it

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The Art of Seduction

Seduction is an art form. It’s something we learn and can perfect over time. We seduce or have seduced. Or at the very least, we’ve dreamed of the perfect seduction. Honing your seduction skills can really up your A-Game in bed. Confidence The main thing about seduction is you have to be confident. You cannot

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You’re Fucking Gorgeous Now Own it

You know what the hottest thing is? It’s confidence. Unfortunately, confidence isn’t a very popular way to feel. In fact, I’d almost say that being self-conscious is the norm. But I’m not going to say that because it just plays into the lies society feeds us every day. We are constantly surrounded by posts and

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