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Tuesday Tips – Sensual Massage

This post does include affiliate links that I do earn a small commission from when items are purchased via the link. Massages are one of the best things ever invented. But a sensual massage can make you feel even better. One of my biggest fantasies (that’s been completed once already) is getting a massage that

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Set The Mood Saturday – Candles

Candles are sexy as fuck. Seriously. I love taking a hot bath with bath bombs, (REMEMBER VAGINA OWNERS! Bath bombs and bubble bath soap can disrupt your natural pH balance and can cause infections. Your vagina is pretty amazing and cleans itself regularly. But if the pH is off even slightly, you’re in for a

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Gift Ideas For Her

Hello and welcome to blogmas here at Ashley Dannielle! ❤ I’m so excited to be participating this year and I have some great things planned! I’ve got so much lined up from sexy tips to advice, to reviews, to sexy holiday-themed short stories. I hope you enjoy the next 25 days. Make sure you’re subscribed

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