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Last night, I went to my bestie’s for a wedding sneak peek pure romance party since she is getting married in October! It was my first ever pure romance party, though I have been invited to plenty over the years. It was so much more fun than I had expected! I learned some new things

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Vegas Dresses, Help Me Pick!

This year when we go to Vegas, (which we are now staying on Fremont Street which neither of us has ever done before and I’m so excited!) I want to dress sexy AF. Because it’s fun and it’s an adult playground and a place to let loose and really be yourself. In Vegas, you get

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Today I bring you a special post. It was supposed to be about writing erotica but while browsing Twitter, I came across something that PISSES ME OFF. I tweeted my frustrations… and then deleted the tweet. Because I don’t want the negativity. I’m all about living a positive life. So instead of an angry, frustrated

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