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Fantasy Friday

Fantasy Friday – stories inspired by your real fantasies. Week 1 The Naughty Nanny.


Drive Him Wild

I’ve talked a lot about seduction and what guys can do like fingering and foreplay today I want to focus my Tuesday Tips on him. These tips are coming right from what N likes so not every person with a dick is going to like these specific things, but it won’t hurt to try it

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Sex Bucket List

Do you have a sex bucket list? I found an article on nypost.com talking about sex bucket lists. according to a study they found taken from 2,000 American’s – 64% have a sex bucket list. I have one. Sex in Paris. Sex in every state. (4 down 46 more to go!) Sex in Canada. Being

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Ashley’s Super Sexy GIVEAWAY

I have almost 100 followers on my blog!! This is something I never imagined happening and definitely not in just a few months! I want to celebrate this by doing a GIVEAWAY!! I’m giving away a box of fun prizes from my affiliate site Jack And Jill Adult. The box will be filled with fun

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Ashley’s Tips – Doggy Style

Sometimes you read about a new trick and try it out and then realize you were missing out on something amazing. Other times you try something new and realize how amazing it is and you just have to share your new tip. I bring you somethings I’ve tried out, that truly make doggy style so

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Hello and welcome to Sexy Saturday’s! The schedule is as follows: 1st Saturday of every month – Roleplay Saturday I give you a sexy fantasy to act out with your lover. Spice up your sex life by trying something new and exciting. Use what I come up with or create your own ideas using the prompt. 2nd

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I’m Glad I Wasn’t A Virgin When I Got Married

I lost my virginity when I was 14 years old. And for a long time I regretted it. I wished I had waited. – I still do, but for other reasons. Not so much because of marriage. – I would kick myself about losing it to someone who ended up not working out just five

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Sexy Christmas Poem

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through her home, came the sounds of being pleased by a man named Jerome. She’d just met him and picked him up at the bar, She knew he was the one when he said he played guitar. Year after year on the night of Christmas Eve, a one

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Naughty Gift Ideas For Couples

 I was going to wait a few more days before I wrote this post to put some space between this and the Naughty Gift Ideas for Him post, but Christmas Eve is a week away. Plus, I’ve been so excited to write this one. I’m sure you get the nature of this one. P.S. I

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