My January 2022 TBR

Last year was the first year I reached my reading goal. I set a goal of 12 books and read 12 (I’m 99% sure I read a 13th book I just never counted.) This year I’ve set a goal of 20 books and I’ve already got a nice little pile of books to start with.

Book #1 Billy Summers By Stephen King

The last few months of the year flew by and I was unable to finish reading this book in 2021. I’m about halfway through it now and ready to finish it. It’s pretty good so far, but I am a SUCKER for Stephen King.

Book #2 The Villa By Nora Roberts

Much like Stephen King, I’m also a sucker for Nora Roberts. Her writing is just amazing and she keeps me engaged with her writing.

Book #3 The Whistler By John Grisham

Funny story about this book and the following book, I bought The Judges List from my local King Soopers on a whim to try a new author and then found out that there’s another book with the same characters that came first so I held off on reading it until I got this book for Christmas from my amazing husband. I really wanted to read them in order.

Book #4 The Judges List by John Grisham

As explained above, I picked this book up on a whim, wanting to try a new author (to me) out. I’m very excited to read the above book and this one.

Book #5 Freed By E.L. James

50 Shades of Grey is a guilty pleasure of mine, please don’t come for me, I just really liked the series and was so excited when I saw this book at Target yesterday, I just had to have it.

I will (hopefully) be reading these books in this order. If anything changes, I’ll make sure to post an update. And I’ll post an update when the books are done. I’m excited for this new adventure. I might even use my credits on audible for some audio books that I can listen to while I do the mundane every day tasks that life takes. If I do, I’ll post an update.

I can’t wait to see what amazing books I read in 2022. Stay tuned into my newest reading adventure. Subscribe to never miss an update. And comment what your 2022 reading goal is. I’d love to hear some of yours!

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