I Won NaNoWriMo in 11 Days

If you’ve been keeping up with me, you know that my NaNoWriMo project this year is based on a dream my husband had a couple of years ago. I’ve put off writing it because it’s in a completely different genre than I am used to writing in. I went into this terrified that I was not only going to end up giving up on NaNo, but also that I was going to let my husband down. (He’s so excited for this book.) But regardless of that little voice in the back of my mind, I stayed positive.

The first thing I did was figure out my daily word count that I would need. To figure out my daily word count this year, I sat down and did a little math. (This comes from Sarra Canon over at Heart Breathings.) I took the days I was planning to write and subtracted that from the 30 days in November. Then I took that number and divided it by 50,000. The word count I was supposed to write per day was around 2,500 so I was just going to write 2,500 per day and give myself weekends off. But that did not happen.

November 1st I sat down and wrote 1,854 words. I felt disappointed in myself right off the bat. I hadn’t reached my daily word count goal, but I knew I could make it up the next day.

And that’s exactly what I did on November 2nd. I wrote 4,149 words. (For a total of 6,003) And I felt really good because I made up for the previous day. I even got ahead by 1,000 words. I knew I could do that easily again the next day.

I sat down and got into a really good couple of scenes on November 3rd. I just got lost in my work. By the time I was done writing for the day I had written, 6,636. Bringing my total to a whopping 12,639. It felt so good to be that far ahead of the game.

November 4th I just didn’t have the momentum that I had had the previous couple of days and only wrote 2,553. I just wanted to hit my original target word count and let myself have a day to rest a litltle. (This brought my total to 15, 192.)

On November 5th I wrote a little more and added 3,845 to my total word count. my total at that point was 19,037 and it was crazy to me to think that I was about to hit 20,000 and my second reward for the month.

November 6th found me with a total of 3,728. I brought my total up to 22,765.

The following day, November 7th, I pushed myself to reach 4,000 and instead wrote 4, 486. With my total at 27, 251, I knew I was going to reach 30,000 the next day and I couldn’t believe it.

That next day November 8th, I wrote a total of 3,771. Briging my total to 31,022.

On November 9th I wrote 5,453 after reaching a really good part in my novel. This brought my total to 36,475. It was hard not to challenge myself after that.

November 10th I wrote 7208 and brought my total to 43,683. And with the end within sight I knew I couldn’t give up on this roll I’d been on.

November 11th I sat down with the goal to write enough to hit 50,000 and I did just that. I wrote, 6,452 bringing my total to 50,135.

I can’t believe I actually hit 50,000 only 11 days in. After not wining for a couple of years, this feels absolutely amazing. I feel so good.

But now that I hit this goal – without even wanting to in the beginning – I’ve decided to set another goal for myself; Finish The Book. With only around 20,000 words remaining, I know I can can do it.

Please don’t feel discouraged when you see how much I’ve written. We are all on different journey’s and will do different things. As long as you’re writing something each day, you’re doing a fantastic job.

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