Shower Masturbation

I looove masturbating in the shower. We’ve bought several removable shower heads over the years because I require one in my bathroom. “Why?”, you might ask. The answer is simple; masturbation of course.

The one we currently have has a normal shower head with a detachable one attached to it. All I have to do is turn a nob and grab the handle and remove it from its stand.

The different speeds on shower heads can be powerful enough to get me off in mere seconds. I love standing in the hot water as it washes over me, washing my body slowly, feeling every inch of my nakedness beneath my fingers and then getting so turned on that I remember I have a vibrator like device right in the shower with me. I, of course, put it on the highest setting careful not to put it too close to my clit or it’s too intense and no longer feels good.

I have to find that sweet spot, the one that really gets me going but doesn’t hurt. It takes a few seconds, but I always find it quickly.

I love holding it on my sweet spot until my legs are shaking and I’m scared I might fall over from the powerful orgasm.

Which brings me to the only downfall of masturbating this way, it’s not always comfortable. Sometimes I have to put a leg up on the edge of the tub, other times, I sit on it. Either way, it’s hard to get comfortable when masturbating this way and can pose a safety hazard. (Though I have yet to slip…)

Despite this little annoyance, masturbating with a shower head is one of my favorite ways to masturbate.

Do you enjoy masturbating in the shower? Why or why not?

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