Shein Lingerie Haul

I recently purchased some lingerie from Shein. Here’s everything I got and what I think about each item. Plus, you’ll learn if Shein is worth it or not.


This set is my favorite pajama set. It’s so comfortable and looks pretty hot on. It’s short and the panties make my ass look perfect.


While my ass looks amazing in these, my tits not so much. The fabric of this set is comfortable but it’s a no in my book as it looks pretty terrible on. (Keep that in mind when making lingerie purchases. Not everything is going to look good.)


I love this simple “lace” black set. The bra has no support, but is comfortable. The panties are super cute on. This set is pretty good.


This piece looks beautiful on. When this was removed from my body though it did roll up into a ball and I had to spend five minutes untangling it from itself. This tends to happen with lace, though I’ve never experienced anything as bad as this.


I know this one blends into my red background, but this piece looks so sexy on me. I love the color red for lingerie. It makes me feel extra sexy when I wear red. Like the other pieces here the lace is obviously cheap. This one does feel like it might fall apart pretty easily. The red ribbon tie is a bit too long which makes tying it a little awkward, but it really is beautiful on.


This piece is a dark blue. It’s hard to tell against the red background, but this is my favorite piece from this haul. It’s absolutely stunning on and there is no connection on the crotch area. It’s split wide open which makes sex easy when wearing it. It is also made from cheap lace, but it’s just absolutely stunning and if this piece gets ruined, I will be purchasing another.


I went for yellow because I NEVER go for a color like this. This set actually looks really good on me, which I was surprised by and it turns out this is N’s favorite out of everything I purchased. There is an annoying wire in the top but I don’t wear it for very long so it’s not too much of a bother.


This set is very comfortable. I love the detail on the top and how it looks when I wear it under certain shirts. It gives a very sexy vibe off. The thong is your basic non-g-string thong. The color is beige and it’s pretty basic, but sometimes basic is okay.

Is Shein worth it?

All in all, I liked everything enough that I will purchase from Shein again. Please keep in mind that what you pay for is what you get with Shein. Do not expect luxury items and remember that the models in the photos are airbrushed and photoshopped and you will look just as beautiful in each piece as them. There will be those wonky ones that just don’t look right, and that’s okay too!

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