Drunk in Vegas

N and I have gone to Vegas every other year since 2013. When we went in 2015, we stayed at what was called then The Monte Carlo (it’s now called Park MGM). My favorite part about the trip that time was going to the Minus 5 ice bar. It was the coolest bar (literally) I have ever been to. The bar is all ice and kept at a cool minus 5 degrees celsius. (23 degrees Fahrenheit for those of us that use it)

We chose to get the VIP package because we got to wear a big fur coat and a fur hat that we got to keep. Plus a couple drinks were included in the package. We both opted to take our shots out of the boob ice sculptures. This was my first time ever trying Goldschlager.

It wasn’t really what happened at the ice bar that I’m here to tell you about. It’s what happened after the ice bar that really matters. When we were inside of there and had about four shots each (this was back when we hardly ever drank so four shots would normally fuck us up) but instead of feeling fucked up, we just felt slightly drunk. That is until we stepped out of the ice bar and into the hotter casino. All the alcohol we drank inside the bar hit us at once.

We returned our coats and made our way over to a few slot machines where N continued to kill it. Then we decided that we were horny. So we made our way to our room.

Once in our room, N stripped me out of my short tight dress and thong and then removed his own clothes. He pushed me onto the bed and told me to bend over. I did as he asked and bent over for him.

I was surprised when instead of feeling his cock press into my pussy, I felt his tongue licking my pussy. And then to my surprise he started licking my asshole. It felt so good it made me moan. He had never done that to me before! It was exciting and turned me on so much.

He stopped eating me and then I felt his cock shove into me so hard and fast, I had no time to react. He fucked me hard, I remember that much because I almost came from it. But he pulled out before I could.

He laid down on the bed and told me to get on top. So I did and I rode his cock hard until we were both moaning and orgasming at the same time. We had such amazing drunk sex that night that it was one for the books. I’ll always remember our 2015 trip to Vegas because of this.

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