Watching Me

I love the thought of people watching me masturbate. It’s a major kink I have. When I masturbate, I preform, pretending like I’m live on the internet and being watched by hundreds of people. I touch myself and moan as if it’s for other people. I have powerful orgasms when I think about people watching me.

I love the thought of coming for other people. Them watching me in all my pleasure, begging me to come for them. Edging myself until I can no longer hold back and I come hard. It gets me so hot to think about other people watching me come.

Sometimes I wish N would walk in on me and catch me masturbating. I would finish up for him and squirt. (Which I can do.) And that would lead to very hot sex between the two of us where he fucks me hard and makes me cum again.

I’d love to go on a camming website and livestream my masturbation sessions. I’d wear my sexiest lingerie and keep myself going for hours on end. I’d come multiple times. It wouldn’t really be about the money to me. It would be more about enjoying the kink that I have. I’d listen to my audience and make sure to give them the show of a lifetime. I’d bring out the freak in me on camera. I’d give the viewers what they really wanted to see. They would be watching me please myself. Watching me get off to the sound of their tips.

I think I’d make an amazing cam girl and would enjoy it so much. It would be the most fun I could have. I’d get off to people watching me. I’d get to live out my wildest fantasy.

What’s your wild masturbation fantasy?

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