Fantasy Friday – The Lingerie Store

This one was suggested to me by an avid reader of my blog. ❤

The store was empty when Mark and I walked in, other than a couple employees of course.

“Hello. Welcome. Let me know if you need anything.” One of the girls said to me.

“Okay. Thank you.” I said and made my way over to a table filled with different panties. Mark was right next to me helping me pick out some cute and sexy underwear for our trip to New York that was coming up in a few days. I had desperately needed new underwear and I had been putting it off for a couple weeks.

While walking through the lingerie store, I found plenty of lingerie I wanted to try on and purchase for our trip together. One of the girls led me back to a changing room and when she walked away I heard a knock on the door. I assumed it was the other woman and opened the door. Instead, it was Mark standing before me wanting to come inside the changing room. I was already wearing a piece of lingerie.

“Let’s live out that fantasy you have.” He said, looking me over.

“No way. That’s just for fun. They are right out there.”

“We can make it quick. I’ll be quiet if they come to check on you.” he said.

I bit my lip and thought about it for a second. He was right. There was no one in the store, it’d be easy to get away with a quickie in the changing room. The two girls working had been undoubtedly distracted by their cell phones. I grabbed Mark and pulled him into the changing room with me.

We started kissing hard and I could feel his hardness through his jeans and I felt my own self grow wet. I was already half naked. I pulled off the lingerie I had tried on and then my panties. He pulled down his pants and boxers in one swift motion, his hard cock springing out at me. He picked me up and pressed me against the wall. I wrapped my legs around him and he guided me down onto his cock. He slid in with such ease and I felt a bit of anxiety creep in as we started fucking in the changing room. We could be caught at any moment but I didn’t care. I just wanted to feel his cock deep inside of me.

He bounced me up and down on him and we kissed as his cock slid in and out of me. I bit his lip and he bit mine. The passion was overtaking everything and he was fucking me hard and fast. The wall to the changing room moved a little and he pulled me away from it and fucked me harder. The sound of skin slapping together made him slow down some. Good thing he did because one of the girls working came to the door.

“is everything okay in there?” She asked.

“Yes. Just retrying on some of my favorites.” I said trying to make it so I didn’t sound out of breath. Mark continued fucking me slowly as I talked to the girl.

“Are you sure?” She asked. “Do you need me to get anything else for you?”

“No, no. I’m okay. I’ll be out soon!” I said back to her trying not to laugh or moan as he continued to fuck me. I wondered if she knew he was in here. I no longer cared about getting caught I just really wanted to get off.

Mark set me down and I bent over in front of him. He shoved himself back inside of me and I put a hand to my clit and began to rub it as he fucked me hard and fast. Careful not to make too much noise. I bit down on my lip so that I wouldn’t moan loudly like I wanted to.

He fucked me harder, his cock filling me completely and making me want to scream at the same time. I rubbed my clit harder and suddenly felt myself coming. My orgasm ripped through me and he fucked me harder through the rest of it. My body trembled, my legs threatened to give out but I held on until I felt his cock begin to throb inside of me and fill me up.

He pulled out of me when we were finished and quickly slipped on his pants and boxers and slipped out of the changing room. I quickly got dressed and grabbed the few items I wanted to keep and made my way to the front to pay for them.

If the two girls knew what just happened, they didn’t say a word about it. They checked me out with a smile on their face and I left with one on my own. We’d just fucked in the changing room of a lingerie store, living out my wildest fantasy.

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