Satisfyer Pro Penguin Review

$59.95 Adam & Eve

This toy is one of my favorite toys. I purchased it in 2019 when I was sex blogging before and it’s been my favorite ever since.


  • There are 11 different speeds
  • It sucks and blows on the clit
  • The shape is perfect for your hand
  • It’s waterproof
  • It’s silicone
  • It’s rechargeable


The reason this toy is my favorite is because it literally feels like N is giving me oral when I use it. It sucks my clit perfectly while vibrating (of course at top speed). I have been using it for over two years and I have only one complaint. I wish it charged faster. (But that’s just me being needy.) It still works like it did the day I took it out of the box. It’s one of four of my longest lasting toys.

The orgasms I experience from it are intense clitoral orgasms. I put it on my clit at full speed and within minutes I’m spiraling into a body tingling orgasm. And because I cum so quick, I’ll usually go for a second orgasm from it.

I highly, HIGHLY recommend this toy. Every person with a clit needs to try this toy out at least once in their lives. (But trust me when I say it will quickly become your favorite and you’ll be using it more than once.)

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