Fantasy Friday

Welcome to the first installment of my series Fantasy Friday where I discuss different fantasies. Each post will be different in terms of content but subject will stay the same. Posts will range from information to role-play ideas to erotica. I thought I’d kick this off with some erotica based on a true story.

He grabbed her from behind and slipped a blindfold over her eyes. She asked him what he was doing. He kissed her mouth.

“Don’t ask questions. Just relax.” He said. He’d always known she was into this sort of thing. Something that she fantasized about. He had been wanting to surprise her with this for a long time now. “Do you trust me?”

“Of course.” She said without hesitation.

He undressed her and then led her to the bed where he helped her lay down, and when she was in position on the bed, he grabbed her right arm and wrapped the leather cuff around her wrist.

“Oh.” She said, surprised.

He said nothing and walked around to the other side of the bed and wrapped the other cuff around her left wrist. He followed this by wrapping one around her left ankle.

“Oh fuck.” She moaned.

He smiled to himself. He knew how badly she wanted this and he was finally going to play out her fantasy.

He finished up the final ankle and undressed himself. He got onto the bed, in-between her legs and began to play with her pussy. He rubbed it lightly and she squirmed. He then removed his hands from her body and she pouted. He positioned himself onto the bed on his stomach and began to eat her perfect pussy. He licked and sucked on her clit. She moaned and he watched as she tried to move her arms but couldn’t. She was gripping the cuffs and moaning.

He then slid a finger inside of her. He licked her pussy while he fingered her and her moans in creased. He made a come-hither motion with his finger inside of her and she squirmed more, moving her hips with his mouth. When he was sure she was getting close, he pulled his finger out of her and sat up.

She let out a whimper.

“I’ll be right back.” He said and climbed off the bed. He went into their walk-in closet and to where she kept all of their naughty items and pulled out her favorite vibrator. he turned it on to make sure that it was charged and left the closet.

“Back.” he said so he wouldn’t startle her. Then he turned on the vibrator and put it to her clit. She moaned and moved. He moved the vibrator around. “Is this setting okay?”

“Higher.” She begged, wiggling on the bed.

He didn’t say anything he just turned it up once.

“Mmm. Higher.” She begged, again.

He turned it up higher.

Mmm. Perfect.” She moaned.

He moved the vibrator on her and she moved slightly with it. Once again, when he was sure she was about to orgasm, he moved the vibrator away from her clit. She was left panting and wanting more. He returned the vibrator to the box and returned to the room. He could no longer hold back.

He climbed onto the bed and slipped himself inside of her. It was an awkward positioning because of her ankles being tied. He pulled out of her and undid each of her ankles. She instantly bent her knees, her legs still spread. He pushed himself inside of her tight hole once more. This time fucking her harder. She moved her legs to his shoulders and he was deeper inside of her. She was pulling at her cuffs and gripping them once again. He loved watching her tug on them as if she wanted to break free but couldn’t.

He fucked her harder and she moaned louder. And when he knew she was close again, he pulled out of her.

“I want you on top.” He said and undid each cuff on her wrist. “But leave the blindfold on.”

He laid down on the bed and watched her maneuver herself on top of him just by touch. She did such a great job that she found his cock instantly and slid down on it. She moaned and leaned forward a little. She started bouncing on his cock and his hands went to her tits. Her nipples were hard and he rolled them between his thumbs and fingers.

She bounced harder leaning a little more forward. She kept the rhythm of her bouncing the same and went a little harder and faster.

“Can I come?” She begged.

“Come for me.” He demanded.

She went a little harder and suddenly was falling apart on top of him. She moaned and he felt how wet she got and knew that she squirted. He fucking loved it.

He gripped her hips and kept her moving on him. He was close and now that she had hers he was going to get his. He moved her body and she worked with him and soon enough he was cumming inside of her. He came hard and moaned she moaned with him wiggling a little bit on him.

Then she collapsed on top of him and he wrapped his arms around her. “That was amazing.” he said into her ear.

“Agreed.” She said sleepily.

She climbed off him after a few more moments together and went into the bathroom to clean up. He hid the straps under the bed while she was out of the room and laid down on the bed and yawned. He was going to sleep great tonight.

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