The Ultimate Orgasm

There’s so much hype around a g-spot orgasm. Yeah, they’re great and all, but have you ever had a cervical orgasm? An orgasm that you feel deep inside of you? One that leaves you breathless but wanting even more?

This full-body orgasm is the most mind-blowing orgasm I have ever had. It takes ahold of your entire body. They can be hard to achieve at first, but once you get the hang of it, they get easier.

I remember the first time I was able to achieve it. I had been riding my husband’s cock and felt an uncomfortable feeling but remembered what I had learned when I read about it and kept going through the uncomfortableness. Suddenly I was feeling pure pleasure. One so intense that I was close to an orgasm very quickly and when it finally happened I was shocked. It ripped through my entire being. I felt it in every single inch of my body.

To achieve this orgasm you need to be on top with them deep inside you. Ride it for a little bit anyway you want, get yourself going. Then you’re going to lean forward and start bouncing on their cock. It might be uncomfortable at first, (a good sign you’re hitting the right spot) but soon enough you’ll feel the pleasure and you just want to keep going just like that until you come.

If you’re solo and want to try to achieve this orgasm all by yourself, grab your favorite toy and lay down on your back. put your legs up like you would if you were having sex and they were on top of you and put the toy inside you. Then just slide it in and out of you at whatever speed you want. Once again, you’ll know you’re hitting the right spot if it’s uncomfortable at first. Just stick with it because it soon turns into pleasure. Keep at that until you finally come. It takes some serious effort when by yourself, but can be achieved. (If you have a dildo that you can stick to a surface and ride it, it might be easier to do it that way.)

Every one with a cervix needs to try this orgasm out at least once in their life because it truly is mind blowing. No other orgasm I have feels anywhere close to this one and it seems like every time I have one it’s even better than the last one.

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