My Favorite Vibrators Right Now

My favorite vibrators always seem to be changing. I’ve owned bullet vibrators, rabbit vibrators, clitoral sucking vibrators, vibrating cock rings, ones shaped with a handle for better positioning and so many others.

I had an obsession with rabbits for a long time. I owned three or four different ones. They all died the exact same way. Of course they were all battery operated and I definitely overused them.

I currently have two vibrators that have been my favorites for a couple years. They are still going and I honestly cannot believe it. Both are rechargeable and not battery operated and it’s amazing how that makes such a huge difference. They are both more powerful than any other vibe I’ve owned.

Pure Romance Opening Act

Pure Romance Opening Act

I love this toy. Not only does it feel sleek in my hand but it has 30 different, powerful, vibration patterns/speeds. It’s intense on my clit and I can slide it inside of myself, too. My favorite vibration is the last one. The full speed one. It really gets me going and makes me squirt.

Satisfyer Pro Penguin

Satisfyer Pro Penguin

The Satisfyer Pro Penguin is a clitoral sucking vibrator. It’s the first (and only) clitoral sucking vibrator that I’ve owned. It’s vibrations are intense and the sucking feels just like oral sex. It packs a powerful punch for such a little thing.

Both of these toys bring me to orgasm every time I use them. BUT I am in the market for a new toy, and I’m leaning toward another Satisfyer or a Lovense.

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