Getting In The Mood

Sometimes it just happens, life becomes too busy and we just aren’t in the mood for sex. While it’s human nature to be in the mood, it’s also human nature to not be in the mood. Things happen and life gets in the way. Here’s some tips I have for when that happens.

Talk With Your Partner

Communication is very effective. Sometimes all it takes is a conversation with your partner about why you haven’t been in the mood. Instead of avoiding the subject and keeping it to yourself. Maybe they can help lighten the load of whatever is making you feel less in the mood.

Foreplay Shouldn’t Just Be For The Bedroom

Foreplay is a lot more than just hand-stuff and oral. Foreplay should begin during the day. If you’re together it could come in the form of helping each other out, a massage, a nice conversation or some flirting. And if you’re apart it could look like a sexy phone call or text message. (Don’t forget that flirting can happen in text message form too.)

Put On A Sexy Playlist

Sometimes, all it takes to get into the mood is listening to a sexy song. Maybe it’s a song from your personal sexy time playlist, or just a song that gets you going. Putting on some sexy music and dancing could be the little thing that puts you in the mood.

Watch A Sexy Movie/Read A Sexy Book

Find a sexy movie (it doesn’t have to be porn) or book that could easily put you in the mood.You and your partner could watch the movie together or you can read the book alone and get yourself into the mood. (I have some erotica up on here that might be perfect for that.)

I hope these tips help to get you back into the mood. Don’t give up if you’re not feeling into it. There’s things you can try to get yourself back into the mood.

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