I Came From Oral

My husband is phenomenal at eating pussy. He gets me on the edge of an orgasm every single time he licks my pussy, but I always psyche myself out. I get nervous to come on his face so I kill my own orgasm every time. There was one particular time recently that I said “fuck it” and allowed myself to come from his amazing oral abilities.

N was going down on me, licking every inch of my pussy. His head was between my thighs and I had my hands gripping at the sheet on the bed. My eyes were closed, my body was relaxed. And I felt myself on the edge. He sucked and licked and I moved my hips along with him. The edge came closer and I was soon coming one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

I had never came from oral before. I was completely SHOCKED. I had never done that before. It felt amazing. It felt like I was floating on cloud nine. It was such an accomplishment to me. My pussy still tingled and I wanted his cock inside of me so bad. I wanted more orgasms. I wanted to feel him inside of me. So he did just that. He put his cock up to my tight little pussy and started fucking me hard.

He fucked me and I let the pleasure wash over my entire body until he stopped and demanded I get on top. I did just that. Climbing on top of him and sliding right back onto his hard cock. He was deep inside of me and I moaned. I leaned forward and started riding him, grinding my hips on him and rubbing my titties. I was fully enjoying myself.

“I love your pussy.” He whispered as I started riding him harder and faster. I rode him just like that until I came again. My body shaking from my second orgasm.

“Bend over.” he said and I climbed off him. He got out of the bed and I got on all fours, my ass pointed in the air at him. He grabbed my ass before shoving himself inside of me and fucking my brains out until he blew his load deep in my hole.

And that is what happened when I came from oral.

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