I Love Sex

I love writing about sex. I love talking about sex. I love thinking about sex. I love having sex. I just love sex.

I bought my first vibrator at 17 years old. Okay, technically I didn’t buy it. A friend did since he was 18. But apparently Spencer’s doesn’t I.D. so I could have gotten away with it.) Anyways, it was a white vibrator. It took C batteries. I remember we joked about how it must be very powerful if it takes that big of a battery. It was not.

Now, I own a plethora of sex toys (other than a realistic dildo, which I would love to have), from a glass dildo to several different vibrators. My favorite is still my Opening Act from Pure Romance. (Not an ad, I just really like it.)

N and I have sex at least once a week. And if it’s only once a week, I masturbate on the other days. Sometimes when I’m in the bathtub late at night, I masturbate in there. (Shh… N doesn’t know…). I’m horny 24/7 and just can’t seem to get enough orgasms to satiate me.

I love the feeling of my fingers on my clit. I love the feeling of my vibrators on my clit. I love the feeling of them inside me. I love the feeling of N’s cock inside me. I love anal. I love masturbating. I love kink.

I just love sex.

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