Just Twenty Minutes-Chapter Four


   I woke up and rolled over in bed. Hunter was laying there, and I stared at him. I felt bad for not staying up to wait for him. When Sophia woke up at 3. He was asleep next to me and the thought to give him oral and wake him up had crossed my mind, but I knew he was tired, so I let him be.

   I got out of bed as I heard Sophia fussing and made my way to her room. I changed her and brought her downstairs where I fed her and then made some coffee. An hour or so later, I heard the bed creak above us and knew Hunter was awake. 

   My phone started to ring, and I glanced at the screen. It was my mom, so I answered it. Not wanting to deal with her if I had just let it go to voicemail.

   “Hey mama.” I said.

   “Hi honey. I was wondering what you were up to today.” She said.

   “Not a whole lot, why?” I asked, curiously.

   “I was wondering if I could watch my baby for a couple hours this afternoon? You and Hunter could go on a date and drop her off her?” 

   I couldn’t believe it! Finally, a chance to be alone and uninterrupted! “Sure! That sounds like a great idea. I’m sure she’d love to see her grandma Ruth.” I said just as Hunter walked into the kitchen.

   He raised an eyebrow, probably questioning the big smile on my face and I bit my lip as my mom listed all the things to not forget. “I know mom. Don’t worry.”  I said. “So, we will see you at two?” 

   “You could even do One. I’m open for either.” She said.

   “Great. I’ll let Hunter know and we’ll be there at one.” I said.

   “Great. Give her a kiss for me. I can’t wait to see her.” My mom said.

   We said our goodbyes and I practically jumped for joy when we hung up.

   “What’s going on now?” Hunter asked, cautiously, as if wondering what sort of plans I could have made.

   “My mom is going to watch Sophia for a couple hours this afternoon.” I said, biting my lip.

   “You mean, we have two kid-free, uninterrupted hours?” The smile on his face told me he was thinking the same thing I was.

   I nodded my head and he pulled me into him, giving my ass a squeeze and kissing me hard.

   “Fuck yes, finally.” He said. I laughed.

   By 12:30, we were loading everything up in Sophia’s diaper bag, and loading her into the car. We’d get there a little before one, but I was sure my mom wouldn’t mind having her a bit earlier. 

   We dropped her off and as soon as we were back in the car, Hunter looked at me with a deep, longing in his eyes. “I’m gonna fuck you so good.” He said.

   “Don’t just talk about it, show me.” I said.

   He put the car in reverse and drove home. I unzipped my pants, while in the passenger seat. 

   “What are you doing?” He asked, a kinky smile on his face.

   “I’m gonna play.” I said, pulling my jeans down, once again not wearing any panties. 

   “Oh fuck.” He took his right hand off the steering wheel, reached over and began to rub my pussy. “This is not good.” He followed with a laugh.

   “Why? Too distracting for you?” I asked in my most lustful voice.

   I watched him swallow hard, his middle finger slid down my clit and went inside of me. He pulled it out and I grabbed his hand and stuck it in my mouth, sucking my juices off him.

   “You’re such a naughty fucking girl. You know that?” he asked.

   I nodded my head. “Only for you.”

   He pulled into our driveway a few minutes later and I pulled my pants back up. I didn’t bother zipping them up, but we did have neighbors and I didn’t want to show my ass off to everyone. 

   We rushed inside, and it was on. There was absolutely no holding back. His mouth crashed into mine, as the front door slammed. He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him, he carried me up the stairs and set me down on our bed. We couldn’t get our clothes off fast enough, the both of us fumbling with our own clothes, but finally we were both naked. 

   I glanced at the clock on the nightstand on his side of the bed. 1:03.

   Just staring at his cock was enough to send me over the edge. I sat on the bed, he stood before me and I grabbed his cock with both my hands and began to move them up and down. Hunter’s head rolled back, and he moaned as I moved my hands slowly, along the length of his cock. I leaned forward and opened my mouth, flicking my tongue across the tip of his dick before I took him, fully into my mouth. 

   He placed his hands on the back of my head as I moved my mouth up and down his cock, swallowing every inch of him. My hand twisted along the base of him to cover the inches I couldn’t quite fit in my mouth.

   “Oh, fuck, Kar.” He moaned. “that feels so fucking good.”

   I sucked on him as I took him all the way to the back of my throat and I slowly pulled him out. Circling the tip with my tongue and then licking down the side of his cock. I dragged my tongue back up the other side and began to take him back into my mouth. 

   I felt him grip my hair and he pulled my head back, his dripping wet cock coming out of my mouth.

   “My turn.” He said and pushed me back on the bed. I scooted myself back so that my head was on one of the pillows. He got onto the bed and moved my legs so they were spread apart. Then he rubbed my clit just a little bit. My insides clenched, the deep longing inside of me, fighting to let loose already.

   He laid down in front of me, on his stomach and began to kiss each of my thighs before I felt his mouth, his tongue, land on my clit. I started grinding my pussy on him as he used his tongue, licking up and down my clit, and then flicking it back and forth across the top. I couldn’t sit still.

   “Fuck me already.” I said, frustrated. I just wanted to feel his cock. There had been enough foreplay the last few days to last a lifetime.

   Hunter sat up and scooted closer to me, I spread my legs around him, so he was kneeling between mine. He held his cock in his hand and I stared at it, panting hard. 

   “Do you want it?” He asked.

   I nodded my head.

   “How bad?” He asked.

   “So bad.”

   “Beg for it.” He commanded.

   I arched my back, trying to bring my pussy up to his cock. “Please, please fuck me. Please shove your cock inside of me.” I begged.

   He smiled down at me and put his cock to my clit, he moved it up and down, driving me crazy. I tossed my head back and closed my eyes. This was pure torture. “Please, Hunter. Please fuck me.” I begged more.

   Finally, I felt him slide his cock down to my dripping, wet hole and he pressed, allowing just the tip to slide in and then all at once, he was inside of me. 

   “Oh fuck.” I called out. He pulled back and thrust harder inside of me. “Oh Fuck. Oh Fuck.” I moaned louder. 

   It felt so mind numbing amazing. His cock being shoved in and out of my tight pussy. His girth was stretching me to the limits. I missed the feeling of his cock. There was a slight pain I felt but it was welcoming. It was a good pain. One I loved to endure. 

   “Fuck, I missed your pussy.” He said, grabbing my legs and placing one on each of his shoulders.

   “I missed your cock.” I moaned. He began to thrust faster. His cock still stretching me fully and sliding in and out faster and faster. I could already feel myself getting close to the edge. He moved my left leg over to his other shoulder, so they were closed, making my instantly tighter.

   “Oh fuck, don’t stop.” I begged him. “I’m gonna cum. Please, don’t stop!” 

   He thrust harder and harder. Suddenly my whole body was trembling, my pussy violently pulsating around his large cock. My eyes were tightly shut, and I couldn’t focus on anything other than the pleasure that was gripping me and ripping through my body. Hunter continued to thrust his cock in and out of me all the way until my body stopped trembling and was replaced by chills. 

   “I want you to ride it.” Hunter said, pulling his cock out of me. I winced. He laid down on the bed next to me and I rolled over, got on my hands and knees and moved myself over him, swinging one leg over him to the other side so I was straddling him. He held his cock up and I proceeded to slowly lower myself down onto him. The head of his cock slipped effortlessly back inside of me and I lowered myself down until his entire cock was deep in me.

   “Oh fuck.” I moaned and moved my pussy back up his length, taking in each inch. I moved my pussy back down, picking up speed just a little bit.

   I sat up and began to grind on him, rocking my hips back and forth. He was deep inside of me and suddenly, I was on the edge of another orgasm. 

   “I think I’m gonna cum again.” I told him, breathlessly. 

  He gripped my hips and moved my body along him. “Don’t stop.” He moaned, and I picked up my pace. The look on his face told me he was just as close as I was.

   I moved my hips back and forth, faster and faster, until he thrust up and my own body began to tremble. We were cumming together. I could feel both his cock and my pussy pulsating in sync and it made the sensations so much more intense.

   As I came down, I leaned on him, exhausted and letting the little aftershocks rush through my body, causing me to jerk some.

   “That was fucking amazing.” He said.

   “Mmhmm.” I said. His arms wrapped around me and my body feeling fully satisfied. I looked at the clock, again.

   1:23. All we needed was just twenty minutes.

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