Just Twenty Minutes-Chapter Three


   The party ran so late, people got drunk and partied hard. They didn’t leave until after midnight, meaning Hunter and I had to stay up until 3, just in time for Sophia to wake up, cleaning. Luckily for me, Sophia was out soon after waking up and wasn’t as cranky as the night before.

   I woke up to the sounds of her fussing so of course, there was no morning rendezvous for Hunter and me.

   I grabbed Sophia and made her a bottle, Hunter offered to feed her while I took a shower. 

   As I was standing in the hot water, naked and still aroused from all our almost-fucks, I was tempted to masterbate. I wanted to cum so bad. The desire within me was only growing stronger but I also wanted to wait. To keep that sinfully sweet release just for his hard cock.

   But I couldn’t help touching myself at least a little bit. I ran my hands over my body. 3 months postpartum and I was back to my pre-pregnancy body. It was amazing and made me feel so sexy. 

   I cupped my tits and squeezed my nipples a little bit. It sent a spark right to my pussy. I ran my hand down my stomach, slowly toward my clit and stopped when my fingers found my it. I began to rub in circles, just a little bit. It felt so good, I could cum any second. But I wanted nothing more than to feel Hunter’s expert hands on me.

   Fondling me, squeezing me, rubbing me, I wanted to feel him all over me and I wanted to feel his cock inside of me.

   “Karly?” He called, and I froze.

   I cleared my throat. “Yeah?” I peeked around the curtain. 

   “I think Sophia is ready for a nap.” He said. 

   I looked at her beautiful, sleepy face. She looked tired. “Yeah, she probably is. Go ahead and put her down.” I said.

   Then it occurred to me. She might be able to nap for at least thirty uninterrupted minutes and we could finally fuck. 

   “Okay.” He said and walked out of the bathroom. 

   I rushed through the rest of my shower, washing out the shampoo and then scrubbing my body. I hopped out of the shower and dried off quickly. Then I went into our bedroom, where Hunter was not to be seen, and pulled a pink, lacey, teddy out of my underwear drawer. I quickly put it on and laid on the bed, not bothering with panties.

   Ten minutes later, Hunter came into the room, “She’s out.” He said and then he paused. Realization dawned on him. “Holy fuck.” He rushed over to the bed and climbed on, next to me. 

   He pushed me down, so he was on top and began kissing me, his hand not wasting any time, went straight for my pussy. He began to rub my clit. His motions were harder and faster than I had just been doing in the shower, but they were much appreciated.

   His finger slid down to my tight hole, and he slid one and then two fingers inside of me. 

   “You’re so wet.” He groaned.

   I nodded, sucking air in through my teeth as he began to move his fingers, twisting them around inside of me and moving them in and out. Switching it up. He pressed his thumb to my clit and began to rub it. I couldn’t sit still and began to move my hips, grinding against his hand. I could feel myself getting closer to an orgasm when his phone began to ring. 

   “I’m not answering that.” He said, pulling his fingers out of me and sucking on them. “You taste so good.” He got on his knees before me and started to unzip his pants. I could see the outline of his cock through his pants and it only made me more excited to finally feel his cock inside of me, stretching me open. I couldn’t sit still. I wanted him so bad. I wiggled myself down toward him, my legs spread and my pussy ready to receive his hard cock.

   His phone rang again. “Alright, just hold that thought.” He grabbed it from the nightstand and looked at the screen. “fuck, it’s my dad. Let me get this. Just one second. Don’t go anywhere.” He said.

   I nodded my head and he answered his phone. I could only hear his side of the conversation. “Hey dad what’s up?… Seriously?… Yeah, I can help you with that.” He looked at me with a pained look and shook his head. I couldn’t believe this.

   He wrapped up the conversation and hung up, tossing his phone on the bed. 

   “You have to go?” I asked, not caring to hide the irritation in my voice.

   “Yeah. My dad needs help. Somehow a bunch of his Steer got out of the fence and he needs me to help round them up, like now.” He said, he sounded just as disappointed as I felt.

   I closed my legs and sat up. “Okay. So not today either.” 

   “Babe, please don’t be mad. I don’t want to interrupt this moment either. I’m sorry, but he really needs my help.” He said, and I knew he was right. His dad would need his help with something like that. I couldn’t blame him. 

   “I’m sorry, I’m just so frustrated.”

   “Believe me babe, I am too. But just think, it’ll be that much more intense when we can finally fuck.” He said, zipping his pants back up. He kissed me goodbye, grabbed his phone, wallet and keys and headed out the door letting me know that he’d call when he was done. 

   I sat on the bed contemplating finishing the job myself, but I knew that he was right. If I held out just like he had to, it was going to make things so much more intense. But holy fuck, I wasn’t sure how much more I could handle.

   Sophia began fussing fifteen minutes later, and I went to grab her. When Hunter hadn’t called or texted after three hours, I called Claire and invited her over. 

   “Were you guys fucking the other day at your party?” Claire asked as we sat on my couch to talk. Baby Sophia was calmly swinging in her swing, watching the mobile above her.

   “No. We haven’t had sex yet.” I tried to hide the frustration in my voice, but Claire caught it right away.

   “Seriously? Why not?” She asked.

   I told her about the first night, when he got home, and we had been so close, but Sophia became super fussy and he was exhausted. Then about how the engagement party lasted forever, and we were interrupted again. By the time I was done explaining what happened a few hours prior, I was feeling even more frustrated.

   “Damn girl. It’s been how long?” She took a sip of her Bubly sparkling water.

   “Three weeks exactly tomorrow.” I said, crossing my arms. “I don’t get it. Every time we try to do it, something interrupts us. I feel like I’m going crazy.” 

   “I don’t blame you. I’d go crazy not getting fucked for three weeks. When he gets home tonight. Trap him in your room, rip his clothes off and get that dick.” She laughed at her own suggestion.

   “It’s not that easy with a baby. If Sophia wakes up, I can’t just let her cry.” 

   “Sure, you can. If she’s in her crib, she’s safe.”

   I stared at her, hoping it was a joke. “You clearly don’t have kids.” We laughed, and Sophia cooed, which only made us laugh more because it was just like she was agreeing with us. 

   The afternoon turned into evening and I still hadn’t heard from Hunter and when I called him I found out it was taking a lot longer than they had hoped. They just got some more help from some of his dad’s friends, but they only had half the Steer rounded up. 

   I tossed my phone on the couch and Claire and I settled in for a girl’s night. She left at 10, when Hunter still wasn’t home. I tried to stay awake, but it was getting later, and I was so tired. When Sophia woke up ten minutes later, and I got her back to sleep I went to lay down in our bed and wait for Hunter, but I passed out. Damn it, all we needed was just twenty minutes.


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