Just Twenty Minutes-Chapter One


   I woke up to the sound of my three-month-old daughter crying for me. I went into her bedroom and lifted her up out of her crib.

   “Hi baby girl. Do you know what today is?” Even though she couldn’t talk, Sophia smiled, as if she knew. “That’s right. Daddy comes home from work. We get him for two whole weeks”

   My fiancé, Hunter was a roughneck up in North Dakota. He worked a solid two weeks on and then would get two weeks at home with us. Unfortunately, though, this time he had to work 3 extra days. I had missed him so much. Especially, his big. thick cock. I felt a tingle in my pussy when I thought about him.

   My phone rang, and I made my way back into my bedroom with Sophia. I glanced at the screen. It was Hunter, I answered it right away and proceeded to feed Sophia at the same time.

   “Hey you.” I said into the phone.

   “Hey baby. I’m on my way home. Finally.” He said. I didn’t mind him calling me from the road as he had connected his cell phone to his truck, so it was always hands free.

   “I can’t wait. I miss you so much.” I said into the phone. 

   “I miss you too baby. Just a few hours and I’ll be home for two whole weeks.” He paused and then asked, “How’s my beautiful daughter?” 

   “She’s good. I’m feeding her right now. We just woke up.”

   He laughed. “Looks like I called at the right time.”

   “You did.” I said. 

   “I can’t wait to just hold you and kiss you.” He said after a moment.

   “I can’t wait to fuck you.” I said.

   Hunter laughed, again. I loved the sound so much. “Woah. Someone’s horny.” 

   I chewed on my bottom lip, “you have no idea.”

   “Your toy not doin’ it for you?” He asked.

   “It’s not enough. I need your thick cock to bring me real satisfaction. You know that.” I loved teasing him, even if it just ended up leaving me panting.

   “Well I’ll be home soon, and I’ll take care of that pussy.” He said. A tingle ripped threw me. 

   We got off the phone and I went about my day. But it was hard to focus on very much. I was constantly thinking about Hunter coming home and ravishing my body. It had been far too long since we had fucked. The last time had been the night before he left. The night he finally proposed to me.

   The last time had been fucking hot. 

   My mom would take Sophia and watch her for a few hours for us, so we could have a date, at least once a week when he was home. The last time was the night before he left. We had gone to the sex shop in town and bought some new toys. He wanted me to have something to do while he was gone. I appreciated it even though I totally preferred the real thing.

   I had found a pink rabbit with multiple speeds and vibration patterns. He picked out a package of cock rings and then we found a tin of body wax. I was so turned on in the store, I just wanted to fuck him right there on the checkout counter. I didn’t care how many people were in there.  

   We went to dinner where he proposed to me and when we got home, I was high on the emotions from getting engaged mixed with being in the sex shop with him. When Sophia was in bed, we pulled out the toys. He used the vibrator on me and fucked me so good, I came instantly. And then he put a cock ring on, making his already hard cock even harder. 

   That’s when I remembered the wax and grabbed a lighter out of my nightstand. I lit the wax and we let it melt. He used the little spoon included and began to drip it all over my body. The sensations from the hot wax, plus his hard cock, made me cum even harder the second time.

   A shiver ran through my body as I pulled my thoughts back to what I was doing. Cleaning the house. It was such a boring and tedious task, but I liked having a clean home. And besides it was giving me something to do to keep my mind busy until Hunter got home.

   That evening I made dinner for myself, fed Sophia, gave her a bath and got her ready for bed. Hunter was due home soon. I wondered if I should put on lingerie or just stay in the tight t-shirt, no bra, no panties, and short-shorts I was already wearing. I opted for the latter.

   Two hours later, and an hour late, Hunter walked through the door.

   “Honey, I’m home.” He called.

   I ran out of the kitchen and jumped up where he caught me as I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. Our lips met, and it was instant passion. 

   His tongue found mine and I moved mine with his. Our tongues circling one another, our body heat rising. I felt his cock growing hard, through his jeans. I couldn’t help it and began to grind my pussy on him. 

   He stopped kissing me, “Fuck, Kar, I want you so fucking bad.” He said, and his mouth went right back to mine. Kissing me harder and more passionately. I couldn’t get enough of what was going on. I couldn’t get enough of him. 

   His hands gripped my ass hard, squeezing each of my ass cheeks. I let out a soft moan into his mouth. 

   “Fuck me.” I whispered against his lips.

   “No problem.” He said and carried me to our bedroom. He laid me down on the bed and pushed my shirt off, he began to play with my tits, my erect and sensitive nipples growing harder as he rolled and tugged on them with his fingers.

   “Mmm.” I moaned. 

   I wanted him so bad, my pussy was aching for him. I arched my back toward him and he began to trail his fingers lightly down my stomach and toward my pussy. 

   “You’re so fucking beautiful.” He said. He looped his fingers into my shorts and began to tug them down. “Oh fuck, Kar. No panties? You are so fucking naughty.” His eyes were growing intense. I smiled at him and bit my lip as he began to pull them down farther.

   Sophia’s cries over the monitor made him pause.

   “Shit.” He said.

   “Hold on, let’s see if she goes back to sleep. Sometimes she’s just fussy.” I said, really hoping that was the case. We waited and when they weren’t ceasing up after a minute, I knew I had to go get her. I pulled my shorts back up and my shirt back down and got off the bed.

   “Just hold that thought. This shouldn’t be too long.” I said. Hunter followed me into Sophia’s room.

   “Hey baby girl.” Hunter said and picked her up. He was such an amazing dad. It was sexy to see him take part of taking care of her. There was something about a man and a baby that really got to me.

   I made her a bottle, so he could feed her. I handed it to him and he sat down in the rocking chair and fed it to her. When she finished her bottle she began to cry again. Hunter patted her back to get her to burp, and when she did but didn’t let up crying, I knew we were in for a long night.

   After a diaper change and bouncing her some, she still wasn’t letting up.

   “You should go to sleep.” I said to him. He had driven all day and looked exhausted. It had been an hour already since she first woke up. I wasn’t sure if she was going to give up any time soon.

   “No, no. I don’t want to go to bed without you.” He said.

   “It’s okay, you drove all day and just got home from a long hitch. Go to bed. I’ll be in there soon.” I smiled at him to let him know it was okay.

   “Okay. That engagement party is tomorrow, right?” He asked.

   I nodded my head. “Yeah, my mom and Kasie will be here at 10.”

   He kissed Sophia’s head and then kissed my lips. “Maybe we can finish what we started before they get here.”

   I licked my lips. “Hmm. Maybe.” 

   Hunter left the room and I sat in the rocking chair with Sophia. I just wanted her to go back to sleep. I was feeling so exhausted. I couldn’t even figure out what was wrong with her. Her crying continued for another hour, until she finally exhausted herself enough and fell asleep. I gently put her in her crib and snuck back into my bed, where Hunter was fast asleep.

   I laid there, starring at him. He was so perfect. I had to fight the urge to wake him up and ride him right then and there. I was still so horny and was starting to feel frustrated. My body was aching for him, but I knew he really needed the sleep.

   I wished we could have fucked, all we needed was just twenty minutes.


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