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The Influencer’s Heartbreak

Told in 3 POV’s, The Influencer’s Heartbreak takes us into the lives of three long-time friends.

Amber is a YouTuber that’s just been cancelled on social media over a “fuckboy” releasing false rumors about her. She’s tired of dating guys that use her for her social media platform. She’s tired of them cheating and turning things around on her in the public eye. So she returns home to Georgia Springs, Georgia. The one place she knows she can rely on. Even if she doesn’t have very many friends there. Upon her arrival, she learns that her ex-boyfriend, who she left five years ago, is engaged to one of her ex-friends. But when she bumps into her old friend that just so happens to be her ex’s best-friend, she is instantly taken with him. This in turn, makes her ex break it off with his fiancee. She is quickly taken by both of them and can’t decide who she loves more.

Joshua misses Amber. He has since she left him five years prior. He didn’t mean to get engaged to one of her ex-friends. There just wasn’t many choices for him in their small town. The engagement only happened so his dying father could see him get married. When he runs into Amber for the first time, he’s hurt that he has hurt her and cannot stop thinking about her. He starts to notice everything bad about Stephanie and begins to miss Amber. When he learns of Amber and Brandon dating he vows to stop at nothing to prove to her that Brandon is all wrong for her. When Stephanie gets in-between him and Amber, he knows he’s lost Amber for good…

Brandon no longer cares about “bro code” due to the fact that he’s been in love with Amber since the very first time they met as children. Unfortunately, Joshua beat him to asking her out when they were in high school and he never forgot it. It didn’t stop him from pinning over her all of these years. And now she is back and single and he’s ready to prove to her that he’s the best man for her. That new love can be the right path. He becomes increasingly worried as Joshua begins to make a move on Amber. He can’t lose her…

*WARNING* This book is for MATURE AUDIENCES only. Adult material is included in this book.

Now AVAILABLE in print and ebook forms! (It’s also on Kindle Unlimited!)

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