My Strange Addiction

My planners and notebooks!
All the stickers!

Last year, I picked up a planner from Target – like I do every year – but I did something different. I made myself use it the entire year. It was amazing at the end of 2019 to see all the filled in days. I even bought a few more planners in August. One was an 18-month Happy Planner verticle layout and the other two were coiled Recollections horizontal planners.

All three were gorgeous. I had been looking at the Happy Planner planners in Michael’s for a few years but I never wanted to put a lot of money into a planner when I had a history of hardly using them.

But I just couldn’t resist so I went ahead and finally bought one. The Happy Planner I picked up was going to be used as our family planner.

I used it to mark down all the days Brodey was with us and when he was with his dad. All school events including holiday’s and breaks. I even used it to track birthday’s. It came in handy quite a bit. But I really wanted to spend the rest of 2019 working on the Target planner so I could say that I actually used a planner for the better half of the year.

Now, I didn’t use it everyday but I found on days that I did, I was more productive. I also wasn’t forgetting things.

It helped. A lot.

So, I knew in January I was going to start using the Happy Planner planner full time, along with the other two coil Recollections planners I had picked up.

I didn’t know a lot about planning at the time, I just knew it was keeping me productive. But then in December I remembered there was another system I had heard about a couple years back – bullet journaling.

That was it, it was decided. I was going to do bullet journaling to keep me on track with everything else in my life. It would be a way to allow me to be creative and organized all in one. I started watching every bullet journaling video I could and even got Nathan wanting to do it with me.

We went to Barnes & Nobel to pick out bullet journals and got a few pens and rulers to go with. We went home and when Tanner went down for bed (Hailey was staying at my mom’s and Brodey was with his dad) we jumped into our bullet journals and started setting them up.

I had spent the entire week prior making lists of all the items I wanted to get and the sections I wanted to create in my bullet journal. So I knew what I was going to do. We spent that entire night watching YouTube videos and setting up our bullet journals. Nathan was keeping his very minimalistic (which is the original idea for bullet journaling) while I was choosing a more creative path.

Over the next few days as I worked on it, I came to the conclusion that it was a lot more work than I had been expecting. I quickly became overwhelmed and disinterested.

Some of the bullet journal videos I watched had youtube suggested videos made by other planner youtubers using other planning systems such as: Hobonichi, Erin Condren, and of course, The Happy Planner.

I became enthralled in these videos shortly after deciding that Bullet Journaling just wasn’t for me. I was interested in trying Erin Condren and The Happy Planner. But I soon found that Erin Condren was a bit more expensive and I began to lean more towards The Happy Planner.

I learned all about the different planner sizes, the different sticker books, the different accessories, and of course the different styles of planners.

I began to notice that a lot of the Planner Babes have multiple planners. One for their everyday life or “Catch-All”, one for fitness, wellness, budgeting, faith, etc etc. And I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to have multiple planners, too!

So I made some more lists and picked out my planners and what they would be for.

– Recollections Planner #1 : My Blogging Planner

– Recollections Planner #2 : My Writing Planner

– My First Happy Planner : My Family Planner

– A 2nd Happy Planner : Budgeting

– A 3rd Happy Planner : Wellness

That’s right, I went into 2020 with five different planners. I “Franken-Planned” my family planner with my budget planner as it made sense. Pretty soon this turned into six when I decided to get another one to use for a personal journey of mine. (I’ll save this for another day – maybe.) And I decided I was going to “Franken-Plan” my wellness and personal journey planners into one so I wasn’t having to plan in five different planners.

The year started off great, I planned in my planners every night. On Sundays I created my “Weekly Spreads” and found I was loving the Happy Passover disc-bound system so much more than the coil Recollections.

One of my favorite Planner Babes – Planning With Bumble – uses a Big Happy Planner. She was the first one I came across that did and this led me to want to try a big size planner. The planners I did have were Classic sized.

Then I realized Hailey would enjoy it as she loves stickers so much, and so I took some left over things I had bought and created a planner for her. Brodey decided he wanted to join so I gave him the Recollections planner I had been using for writing. And removed all the previous items so he could start fresh.

I then had an excuse to go buy a new Big Happy Planner. This one was a horizontal. The other ones I have are the budget extension pack, the verticle, the lined verticle and the wellness has its own layout.

The horizontal target planner I had, had been so special to me. I’d loved how much I used it. And so I had felt like a horizontal one would be best for my writing.

Then just last week, I added another planner this brought my total to seven.

I didn’t like the Recollections coil planner so I stopped using it. And switched to another Big verticle Happy Planner.

With the Coronavirus in Colorado and the media freak-out it feels as if it’s knocking at my back door. And hearing the CDC say to prep for a couple weeks of food for your family in case of quarantine, I’ve been prepping.

There. I said it. I’m a prepper.

Okay maybe not total doomsday style but Nathan and I decided to take this seriously and have food on hand for us plus my mom (six people) for a month. It helped push us to clean up our basement and it does feel good to know that if something happens, we will be okay for a few weeks.

Anyways, I switched back to the coil recollections planner for my blogging and podcasting (I do adore the habit trackers each month. And the cover is GORGEOUS.) I took the verticle big happy planner, put it on some discs and rearranged a Big Happy Notes notebook and added extra paper. I then put the rest of the big discs on all of my planners.

I also have added a Mini Planner in recent weeks. (I set one up for a friend I need to send out and had some extra supplies.) I use it for on the go and recently added a Mini Happy Notes to it so that I could have paper to jot things down on the go. (The space they give just isn’t enough to write down everything I need to buy or do.) My Mini planner is a dashboard layout and honestly, I’m really enjoying it. I didn’t think I would at first.

The spring release just launched last Tuesday and I’m in love with so much of it. I was able to pick up one of the new Happy Notes at Joann’s last weekend along with a load of stickers and paper that were on clearance.

The happy notes and paper I just bought is being used as a plotting notebook and I already have another one I use for another one of my WIP. (This one is up on my Wattpad.)

I have 13 sticker books along with multiple rolls of washi tape. And for Valentine’s day, Nathan bought me a GIANT pack of gel pens. I’ve also added a package of Crayola Super Tips to the list of items I have. This is to work on my hand-lettering/calligraphy.

This is the first time in a long time I’ve found a creative activity that I was continuously using and excited about.

With taxes coming back, I might just be adding a couple new ones into the mix. (My mini is a six month planner so I will need a new one starting in July and I just don’t like the lined vertical layout for my personal journey planner.) I’ll update with a Happy Planner haul post when I do.

Do you have any strange addictions like this? Do you use a planner? I’d love to hear everyone’s ideas on planning!



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