Chapter Two

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My stomach dropped. “Are you fucking kidding me?” I finally said after the initial shock had worn off.

“It isn’t what it looks like.” Robert said, jumping to his feet.

I laughed. “Oh really? Please, I’d love to know what this is supposed to look like.”

“I – I – I” He stammered.

“Don’t.” I said, putting my hand up to stop him from creating what ever excuse was running through his mind.

Jacob grabbed my arm “Maybe we should go.”

I yanked my arm back “Shut the fuck up, Jacob.”

Jacob fell silent, as did everyone else. I sneered at Molly. The woman who was responsible for the launch of my writing career. The woman I had trusted to help my family by helping me become famous, not hurt my family in the most disgusting way. But it all finally made sense. Robert had been spending a lot of extra time working latelfy and communicating with Molly. I had brushed it off as him trying to help my career. He was a literary agent and was the one that set me up with her two years prior.

“How long?” I asked.

No response.

“How long has this been going on?” I asked, my tone darker, more harsh. I wanted answers, but then again, maybe I didn’t. Jacob whispered something under his breath that I didn’t quite catch and I had to control the need to want to turn around and slap him for speaking during a moment like this. This was none of his business.

“About three years.” Molly said. She even had the audacity to look at me like it was an accomplishment.

I lunged for her. Not a single thought in my head told me to stop. I was angry and not thinking right. But Molly was still standing in front of me with her shirt open. She hadn’t even tried to cover it up. It was almost as if she had wanted to get caught all along.

When I made contact with Molly, I jumped on her, sending her flying back onto the ground, her back slamming into the corner of her desk on the way down. Had I been on the outside of this entire thing, I might have cringed. But I was very much involved and absolutely pissed. I hit her in the face several times before she was able to cover it with her arms.

She laid beneath me wailing, her shirt still open. I could no longer reach her face and the anger in me was to the point that I had no coherent thoughts. I began to claw at her perky tits. I wanted to rip those breasts off her body. I wanted to cause her as much pain as humanly possible and as I began clawing and she continued screaming, I felt hands grab my arms and pull me off her. I kicked and punched the air, trying to fight my way back to her.

“STOP IT.” Robert said to me when I was standing.

I pulled myself from his grip and slapped him across the face. “Don’t you ever tell me what to do again. I want you out. TONIGHT.” I fixed my clothes and walked out of the office.

My head was spinning with all the thoughts of everything that had just happened. What the fuck had just happened? I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Everyone in the office stared at me as I waited for the elevator.

“What the fuck are you looking at? Did you enjoy the show?” I yelled out to the audience I did not want.

The elevator chimed and I stepped in, as the door closed an arm came between to stop it and Jacob stepped on.

“I’m so sorry.” He said.

“Did you know?” I asked.

He shook his head. “I had no idea he was your husband.”

“You’ve seen him here before?” There was a sharp pain in my chest and tears were stinging the corner of my eyes, but I wasn’t about to start crying. No way in hell would I allow myself to cry over Robert and this pathetic display.

“Yeah. A lot actually. But he never wore his ring. And I really just thought he was her boyfriend.”

I couldn’t speak. I had no words left in that moment. The elevator chimed again and I stepped out and headed for the door.

“Nicole?” Jacob’s voice stopped me halfway through the lobby but I didn’t turn to look at him. “I’m really sorry.”

I didn’t say anything back. I just started walking again. I had to get home and figure out what I was going to go with my life now.

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