Fever Dreams

Fever dreams – they’re something that’s almost incomprehensible. I was sick with the flu this last week – hence not posting – and honestly it was the worst week ever. I’ve only had the flu a couple of times in my life. It’s not fun to say the least.

But this time brought on a pleasant fever dream. One that I wished was real and I’m here to tell you the hot (no pun intended) details of my intense dream.

One night, after running a particularly high fever, I awoke from a dream that I wished could continue on. One that I wished was real. Without further ado I present my sexy fever dream.

It was dark in our room and he was standing at the foot of our bed, naked and holding his thick cock in his hand.

“You want it, babe?” He asked.

I nodded, unable to speak. I bit my lip feeling the desire take over me. I was longing for him in ways I didn’t think were possible. My body was craving to feel him inside of me. It was craving for that sweet release that I knew would soon be my mine.

A whimper escaped me as he crawled onto the bed. I looked down and had seen that I was already naked. My skin covered in goosebumps as he made his way toward me, gripping my ankles in his hands and pulling me toward him with a force that let me know we were going to be playing by his rules tonight.

“You are so fucking sexy.” He said, a deep growl escaping him as if he could not get enough of me.

He yanked my legs apart and I automatically bent my knees, getting into position to fully take him inside of me. He moved himself closer so the head of his cock was pressing into my clit. He moved, slowly, down to my pussy and pushed his way inside of me. He slid in with ease, my eagerness to feel him, making me soaking wet.

“You’re so fucking tight.” He moaned with the first few slow, dragged out thrusts.

I moaned as I felt him slide deeper inside of me. He was going slow, dragging out the pleasure. Making me want him more. His cock stretched my hole and I felt every inch of him. I felt the ridges from the veins popping out on his hard cock. I squeezed myself around him, causing him to sharply inhale.

“Oh fuck.”

“Harder. Faster.” I moaned begging him to give it to me in the way I knew would lead to the release I so craved. He went harder and faster, the tip of his cock hitting my cervix causing a shock wave of pleasure to rush through me. My head tilted back as I begged for more. More! MORE!

I needed more of him. I needed to feel him even harder, even faster, even deeper. My body tingled with each thrust inside of me. His hands gripped my throat, choking me in the sexiest way possible. He was being rough and I was fully submitting to his every need and want.

I felt myself on the edge. My body begging for the release. For the orgasm of a life time. He fucked me harder. He was so deep inside of me now and I felt myself on the edge of that release I so craved.

“PLEASE! LET ME COME!” I yelled out into the dark. To him.

“No.” He growled letting go of my throat and pulling himself out of me. He left the room. Leaving me desperate and wanting. My pussy soaking wet and my nerves unhinged from not getting the orgasm I desperately wanted. I was alone in the room, naked and needy.

And that was it. That’s how it ended and how I woke up. I never got my release and with the flu, I wasn’t looking to get laid this last week. I’m desperately waiting for tonight, now that I am feeling better. So that I can finally get what I’ve been dying for.



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