In The Midnight Hour She Cried “Mahi Mahi Mahi”.

Ah Mahi. The most delicious fish I have had yet to date. This is big coming from someone who doesn’t particularly like fish. N recently discovered the Grilled Mahi Boss Burrito at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop. He has only had it twice. (I loved the bite he gave me and almost ordered it for myself this time, but I really love my Fajita Chicken Big Bowl Salad with Avocado Ranch dressing.) And both times…

We’ve gone for so long.

Seriously, something about the Mahi in that burrito just makes him hard for so long. (Not that he doesn’t last long normally.) But this is like “alright how many orgasms can I make you have?” Long. And it’s amazing.

We had sex for over an hour. I had three orgasms. And by the time we were done, I could barely keep my eyes open. Which tells me I need to work on my stamina. He wanted to keep going. I was the one that threw in the towel.

I’m still sore from the extra-special fuck sesh. My orgasms were Intense.

Now I know that eating fish can lead to having sex more often, but apparently it helps out with how long you last. (At least where N is concerned!) I’m highly considering sneaking some Mahi in every single one of his meals.

Just kidding. Then he would get burnt out on it and never eat it again.

We had sex in every position possible. There was a lot of foreplay, oral and reading that went on. But the single hottest part was when he wouldn’t let me cum. I was only allowed to when he told me I could and I love that.

For my second orgasm he had me pull out one of my toys. I chose my Satisfyer Pro Penguin because it’s perfect for when he gets me from behind. I placed it right on my clit and it stayed there perfectly while he moved deeply in and out of me. It brought me to an even better, more intense orgasm. And then I got back on top of him and rode him while he rubbed my clit and I squirted.

By this point, my eyes were heavy.

“We can be done if you want” he said.

“I want to keep going but I’m so tired.” I laughed

So we ended it with me giving him a blow-job and then I slept like a fucking rock.

I think we are going to have to experiment with other types of fish and see exactly which one is best for long, intense fucks.