The Kiss. The Need. The Want.

The air buzzes with an invisible electricity.

One only him and I can feel.

The pull toward one another that neither of us can control.

Clothes fall to the floor at our feet.

We can feel each other’s body heat.

Skin to skin.

We hold on as we kiss.

It deepens.

The kiss.

The need.

The want.

The desire.

He spins me around and pushes me onto the bed.

My legs spread.

He holds himself and enters me,

ever so slowly.

I cry out as he pushes in.

He’s fully inside me now.

Stretching me open and filling me


He moves slowly, knowing how eager I am.

“It’s not a race.” He says and pulls out.

Moving his hard cock along my clit.

I moan and move.

Unable to control myself.

I need him back inside of me.

I need the release.

He shoves himself back inside,

moving a little faster this time.

I moan and move my body with him.

He lays down on me.

The weight of him unleashes new feelings.

My legs wrap around him.

We kiss and move together.

We continue like this,

the passion taking over


I can no longer stand it.

I can no longer hold back.

My body shakes and I moan in his ear.

He doesn’t stop moving.

He continues through the up rise

and as I come down, he whispers in my ear

“I love making you cum.”

When I’m finished he sits up and pulls out.

He lays down, telling me eagerly to climb on.

He holds it up and I slide down.

I take him completely inside.

He’s deep and I move my hips.

Back and forth.



Every motion, pushing us both

closer to the edge.

I lean back now,

hands on his thighs.

He’s deeper.

I move my body.



Upon him.

We’re there.


Our bodies shake.

Feeling like an


We moan.


The sound fills the room.

We don’t care.

Who will hear.

This moment is about us.

The moment of release.

Of pleasure.

We are fully absorbed.

We come down together.

I collapse on top.

He wraps his arm around me.

Skin to skin.

Just a moment together

like that.

It’s all it takes.

I feel him,

still hard,

move inside of me.

In and out.

Excruciatingly slow.

“Again?” I ask.

He responds with a kiss

and moves harder.



And just like that.

We head for another




moment together.

Everything intensifies once again.

The kiss.

The need.

The want.

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