Sex Workers Underrepresented in the Feminist Movement

I read this article recently that sex Workers are Underrepresented in the Feminist movement. Unfortunately some people believe that sex Workers are all forced into this career path but there are many out there that have chosen their path.

I can name three women that I know, two personally, one from my cam girl interview, and one from talking on the internet chose to be a cam girl. They was not forced into this and do not feel like this is something they have to do. It’s quite the opposite actually. Each chose to be a cam girl because they enjoy doing that kind of work. It fulfills them, and two of them have told me how much it has increased their confidence.

I’m surprised that as far as we have come in the Feminist movement, that we still degrade sex workers. Plenty of women choose this career path for a variety of reasons. Some just being that they love their body and want to show it off. Others do it for the money, and others do it because they love sex. What’s so wrong about that? Nothing.

This is true confidence and should be supported not suppressed. We should be supporting every human being. When I first learned about Feminism at the age of 14, I loved it instantly because it was about making sure women were equal to men. But 15 years later, it seems to no longer be the case.

You have some Feminists that are men-haters (which at the end of the day is doing exactly what we – women – have been trying to fight for years and this is an ENTIRE different argument I need to make…) But then you come across all these feminists that are against Sex Workers. They still slut-shame or they just assume every single sex-worker is being forced to do it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve VERY AWARE of the problem with Human-Trafficking. I live in Colorado which is a big state for it because we have both i-25 and i-70. Two MAJOR interstates that can take you right out of the state in just a matter of hours. There are plenty of women that are forced into it. (AND THAT MAKES ME COMPLETELY SICK.) But there is still a plethora of women who enjoy being sex-workers.

I’m a huge supporter of sex workers. I want to shine light on the fact that this is as much of a career as any other field. Sex Workers aren’t just victims. There are plenty of sex workers that truly enjoy their job. If you’re being safe, where’s the harm in that? They should be SUPPORTED just as much as any other woman. AND this includes when a sex-worker is raped. They shouldn’t be discredited because of the day job they do. That kind of thinking is the exact same as saying that “she was asking for it because of the skirt she was wearing.” (EYEROLL.)

Let’s just agree to support each other. NO matter what field we work in. Feminism should NOT be a movement still filled with so much hate and discrimination. It’s 2020.

I’m currently working on a design that I’ll be selling on shirts and coffee cups. 100% of the commission I make from each sale will be donated to the Sex Workers Project which helps both women who chose to be sex workers and those that are human trafficked. Please stay tuned for that.



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