Summer Dreaming

I stood on the beach, soaking the sun up with my face. I loved living in L.A. I just hated that I didn’t get to enjoy the beach too much. Today was a rare day off from my low-income internship with a movie production company. I’d dreamed of being a producer, but I had to start at the bottom. It sucked now, but I knew it would get better eventually when I worked my way up to that position. I worked a lot of overtime to prove myself worthy of not only my internship, but a future permanent position there.

I had my black and pink bikini on. A string one that tied at my hips, around my back and around my neck. I checked the area of the beach I was on to make sure it was clear and then removed my top. I laid down. I needed a tan. With all the work I had been doing, I didn’t have much time to tan anymore.

I felt the breeze carry the ocean with it and could taste the saltiness in the air. The beach was my favorite place on the planet and it sucked that I didn’t get to spend much time there anymore.

I closed my eyes as I let the sun do it’s work on my skin. I knew it was bad for me, but I just loved the color. And I lived in L.A. The land where you had to have something done to yourself to fit in. Even if it was a tan. Sure most people were getting faked tanned these days, but I couldn’t do it. I figured one day of tanning every few months wasn’t going to actually cause that much damage.

I liked laying on the beach naked. Of course I didn’t want to offend anyone, but the thought of a guy approaching me as I laid on the beach, half-naked or fully naked and having his way with me (after asking for my permission, of course) turned me on.

“Damn.” I heard a male voice say and I opened my eyes to see the most gorgeous looking man. He looked like a younger George Cloony and he was staring at my tits.

I didn’t move to cover up because I figured if it was bothering him he could just move on. This section of the beach was empty, after all.

“Hi.” I said and smiled up at him.

He said. “I’m sorry for just staring but I was going for a jog and saw you laying here. I couldn’t help but approach you. I hope that’s not creepy.”

“It’s no problem.” I gave him a seductive smile.

“Do you mind if I join you?” He asked.

“Not at all.” I moved to pick my top up.

“You don’t have to put that on because of me.” He said.

“Oh, I wasn’t going to put it on.” I laughed. “I was just moving it for you.”

“Oh, thank you.” He said and sat down next to me.

There was a silence between us, though it wasn’t awkward in the slightest. It was a comfortable silence as we laid on the sound and looked up at the sky.

“Do you do this a lot?” He asked.

“No, I actually spend most of my time working. I wish I could though.” I said and then sat up. I reached into my bag and pulled out my lotion. “Can you get my back?” I asked. I knew it was cheesy to ask that. But I was feeling bold, and very horny. I didn’t mind sex with strangers. It made things exciting.

“Sure.” He said.

I rolled onto my stomach and he began to rub the sun lotion on my back. It felt amazing as he lathered it and slightly massaged it into mys skin.

“My ass, too.” I said.

“Okay.” He said and I heard a little chuckle.

I untied the strings of my bikini and flipped the fabric down so my ass was in full view. He began to massage my ass and I was instantly wet. His hands went to the bottom of my ass and I felt his fingers graze my pussy.

“Oops, sorry.” He said.

I laughed. “Don’t worry about it. I liked it.”

“Oh yeah?” He asked.

I nodded my head and then felt his fingers graze my pussy again. Only this time he kept them there and began to rub it. I let out a small moan and then felt him slide his finger inside of me.

“Is this okay? I’ll stop if not.” He said.

I felt myself grow even more horny just for the pure fact that he asked permission. I nodded my head again and then decided maybe it wasn’t enough, so I vocalized my permission. “Yes.”

He didn’t say anything else, he just began to slide his fingers in and out of me. He started out slowly and then increased his pace until he was fingering me hard and fast and I was screaming out “oh my God” as my body clenched up and relaxed into an intense orgasm.

I felt him pull his fingers out of me and I turned around. “Your turn.”

“Okay.” He said and pulled his shorts and boxers down. His cock was hard and average in size though thicker than most I’d seen. He was kneeling before me. I moved my hair out of the way and grabbed his cock. I moved my hands slowly up and down it. He closed his eyes and moaned.

I moved myself closer to him and opened my mouth. I took his cock as far back as it would go and I gagged on him. I pulled back some and used my right hand to move it round the base of his cock as I moved my mouth back and forth on him. I licked every inch of him and sucked him hard. His hands were in my hair and I felt him yank my head back.

“Can I fuck you?” The lust in his eyes made my pussy drip. I nodded my head.

I laid back on the towel and he got between my legs after pulling his shorts and boxers all the way off. I wrapped my thighs around him as he plunged his cock right into my tight hole. There was no pause. He was inside of me in an instant and I moaned loudly for him. I felt him stretch me and wiggled my hips against him. He started moving, thrusting in and out of me hard and fast. The both of us craving every second of this interaction. He went harder and faster until he sent me over the edge once again. Instantly his cock was sliding much more. I came so hard that I’d squirted some. He moaned deeply and fucked me harder for a few more seconds before he was thrown into his own body numbing orgasm.

He pulled his dripping wet cock out of me and that’s when I woke up.

I’d fallen asleep on the beach, my top was still off and I was still laying on my back. A half hour must have passed. I looked around to see that I was still alone and felt the sheer disappointment. But my bikini bottoms were wet and my body was relaxed and that’s when I realized I had came in my sleep.

I got up, dusted off the sand and put my top back on and made the walk back to my car. Thinking about the sexually intense dream I had that I wished on everything had been real.

“Maybe next time.” I said to myself before climbing into my car and driving home.

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