Confidently Flaunting

It all started when I became a sex blogger. All I had ever wanted was to feel sexy with what I chose to wear but jealous boyfriend’s and society kept me from pushing the boundaries. I didn’t want to piss the boys off and I didn’t want to hear the evil things society likes to throw at those who push boundaries. For whatever reason, society is threatened by the woman confident enough to show a little or a lot of skin.

Sure, times are changing but we do have the ever wonderful social media where people can now voice their opinions on women’s bodies to the masses and of course, find all the like minded people to do the same. And to me, this sort of thinking makes no sense. How is the way I dress really affecting your life?

I digress…

So anyways, here I am age 29 with a sex blog and trying more to dress sexy. I’d say I really came out of my shell in 2019. I cared less about what people thought and wore what I really wanted to wear.

In Vegas I wore a sexy little black dress with heels. The dress came down to just below my ass, and I was flaunting my body. I had felt so incredibly sexy and my husband didn’t try to hold me back. In fact I think he enjoyed it as much as I did because I was confident.

On New year’s Eve, I wore another short dress and heels. We went to a bar and grill across from the hotel we stayed at, and I flaunted my gorgeous body then, too. I felt incredibly sexy and just had to take a sexy photo.

The only thing I haven’t done, is flaunt it for my blog. And in 2020 I’m no longer going to hold back and be afraid to post sexy pictures of myself. This is my blog. It’s about me. So why not share a sexy photo or two with you all?

When I flaunt my beautiful self, I feel empowered, I feel confident, I feel sexy as all hell. And I’m not going to hold back anymore, because this is who I am, love it or hate it.



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