A Quick One

They’re wrapped up together.

They can’t keep their hands off each other.

A carnal lust takes over.

It’s been two weeks? Three weeks? A month?

Her fingernails dig into his skin.

He grips her leg harder.

The fabric of her thigh high drives him wild.

She wants him,

No needs him.

More than he needs her.

She needs the length of him.

The girth of him.

She needs to be stretched.

To feel each hard inch.

He turns to face her.

Their mouths crash like waves on a beach.

He unzips and drops his pants,

his boxers, too.

He tosses her onto the bed,

moves her panties to the side.

There’s no time to remove her deliciously

arousing lingerie.

There’s no time for foreplay.

He slides in, they moan together.

The pleasure hitting them at once.

They’ve been craving this.

She needs this.

He places her legs on his shoulders

and he picks up his pace.





It’s too much.

The lust they’ve been feeling all day.

The distance they’ve felt.

The neediness in her desire.

Together, fireworks.

It’s loud, wonderful.

They cry out and grip each other.

It’s over too soon.

But it was worth it.

The pleasure that took over them.

Even if only for a few heart-pounding minutes.

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