Ageplay Fetish

Fetish Friday is a section of my blog meant to be informational and non-biased. I do not discriminate against fetishes (unless it is pedophilia or in any other way harmful). Comments mocking fetishes will be removed.

What Is Ageplay?

Ageplay (or age play) is a form of roleplaying. Essentially it involves two (or can be more) people who treat each other like they are different ages. This fetish can be either sexual or nonsexual. It can involve roleplaying as a baby or an elderly person (or anything in-between). Ageplay can be tied into a dominant/submissive relationship where punishments are given on a consensual basis. This can also be tied into an incest type of fetish where one partner is the parent and the other is the child. (Psychologists have confirmed this is in no way linked to pedophilia.) Usually, the person who likes to roleplay as a child or baby just enjoys childlike tendencies.

What Makes Someone Want to do Ageplay?

Ageplay can be sought after for various different reasons. Perhaps someone is wanting to pretend to be a child or a parent, to bring back the feeling of being a child or take on a role they fantasize about like being the punishing parent or priest. Perhaps two partners in a consensual dominate/submissive relationship want to partake in fictional incest where the dominate is the parent and the submissive is the defiant child that misbehaves and needs to be punished.

Sometimes it can be used as a therapeutic tool for people who have experienced a traumatic event. They may want to role play a specific thing that happened to them in a safe environment with someone they trust and care for.

Some people do choose to be elderly, though it is less common then the adolescent/baby type role plays. A person may choose to play an elderly person that is in diapers and needs cared for much like someone choosing to be the baby.

There are a variety of different reasons why people enjoy this type of fetish. A lot of ageplay includes diapers, ruffly outfits, pacifiers and even cribs. Ageplay is a warm and caring fetish instead of one that people think might be linked to some sort of abuse or fantasies of abuse. It has been confirmed to be a normal fetish and is no way linked to pedophilia.

Where to Find Ageplay Items

There are plenty of places on the internet to find outfits, adult baby furniture, etc.

The website has everything from clothes, to accessories, to bedroom sets.

Finding adult cribs is a little bit harder, but there are furniture manufacturers out there such as Adult Baby Furniture. You can order various furniture pieces such as cribs and high chairs, even adult toddler beds right from their website.

While Ageplay seems to be on the far end of taboo, keep in mind that this is a healthy fetish people have and that no one should be kink shamed or made to feel bad about what they are into.



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