Shower, Sink & Bed

It was so hot. Every second of it. Both of us were lusting after the other. Our eyes showed the deep need we were begging for. The carnal hunger that was controlling us.

I was the first to enter the shower. I let the hot water fall over me, stinging my skin in a delightful way. The shower curtain moved and he stepped in behind me.

I turned around to face him. His gorgeous blue eyes staring down at me. He didn’t say anything. Just reached for my bottle of soap and started lathering my skin that had turned pink from the hot water. It was sexy the way he looked at me while he cleaned every inch of my skin. I turned around so he could get my back. He took his time, moving slowly down to my ass. The hot water rinsed the front of me off and I turned around to clean him so the water would rinse my back off.

Once the soap was rinsed off of him, he turned me around and began to finger me. It felt so good and I was craving more just as he pulled it out and then stuck himself inside of me. He went hard and fast as I used the wall for balance. It was slick from the shower that was running over the both of us.

“Let’s get out.” He said and pulled his thick cock out of me.

I turned the shower off and jumped out with him, drying myself off quickly so we could move to the bed. I hung the towel up and turned to take a look at myself in the mirror. He grabbed me, bent me over the sink and shoved himself inside of me so fast I cried out.

He was relentless. Fucking my pussy hard and fast and I was moaning from how good it was but just as I was getting into it, he pulled himself out of me again and left the bathroom. My mind finally caught up to what was happening and I walked out of the bathroom. Our room was dark except for the light strip we had which was on the red light setting. It gave off a sexy ambiance.

He grabbed me and tossed me on the bed. I bit my lip and waited in sweet anticipation for his dick. He stood in front of me at the edge of the bed and I thought for sure he was going to tease me. Instead, he grabbed my ankles and pulled me closer to the edge. He shoved himself back inside of me and fucked me until I was close to the edge myself. I was so close and ready to feel my sweet release. I wanted the tingly-warm feeling to rush through my entire body.

He pulled out and dropped to his knees. Once again pulling me closer to him. He pressed his mouth to my pussy and began to torture me with his tongue. He licked my clit so good I was moving beneath him at the same place he was eating me. I wanted to cum so bad.

He stopped and looked at me, his eyes lustful and deliciously blue, “get on top.”

I nodded my head, unable to form a coherent sentence because my mind was melting from the pleasure he was giving me. He laid down on the bed and I got off to reposition myself. But instead of just climbing on top of him I got on my knees before him and opened my mouth and began sucking his cock. I deep throated him and sucked him hard, using one hand to wrap around the base of his cock and the other played with his balls. His hands were on my hair and he was moaning.

“You have to stop or I’m going to come.” He said.

I wouldn’t have mind taking a mouthful of him, but I really wanted to ride his cock. So I did as he asked. Pulled his cock out of my mouth and got up so I could climb on top of him. I lowered myself down onto his cock and he held it up so he slid right inside of me.

“oh fuck.” I moaned. I wanted to come so fucking bad. My body was craving it so much I could have cried from the anticipation.

I leaned back some as I moved my body on his cock. His hands explored my body, stopping on my nipples where he played with them. Squeezing them hard enough to really get me going. I leaned back forward and rocked my hips harder and faster. I was so close I could taste it. I closed my eyes and focused on the sensation of his cock inside of me.

“Fuck, I’m gonna come.” He said.

His words sent me over the edge and I cried out his name as my orgasm swept through my entire body.

“Oh fuck!” I yelled as my orgasm rocked through my entire body. I felt his cock throbbing inside of me as he filled me with his warm cum.

As our orgasms ended I laid down on top of him. Exhausted but relaxed. Our breathing synced and he rubbed my back. His cock still inside of me. And we relished in the afterglow of our amazing sex. Eventually, I peeled myself off of him so we could get dressed and sleep.

“That was fucking amazing.” He said.

My pussy tingled, “Yes it was.”

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