Mindful Sex For 2020

It’s not only a brand new year, but a brand new decade and I’m excited for the growth I’m going to experience as not only an author, but a sex blogger.

For 2020 I’ve decided to use a planner for different aspects of my life but it’s not just planners I’m going to be using this year. I’m going to also add in a sex tracker app to track how often N and I are having sex. The app I’m using lets me choose different positions, places, whether it was anal or vaginal, and I can rate them.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking “why would you need to track your sex life with your husband if it’s so good”?

Mindfulness is an amazing tool that helps treat depression and helps us out our minds into the present moment. More mindful sex then helps us reconnect our bodies and minds during sex. No more mind wandering. Just pure focus on the pleasure and the moment.

We have all been there when we’re in the middle of fucking our partners – it’s going great, we’re feeling good – but boom, our mind wanders. “Did I turn the oven off after cooking dinner tonight?” Or “we really need to catch up on that new Netflix show everyone is talking about.” It happens. We are human and our minds wander, especially if we don’t practice mindfulness.

But not only will tracking our sex life help me become more mindful when it comes to sex, but I’ll be able to look back and be like “hey, we haven’t pulled out (insert toy here) in a couple months, let’s try that tonight.” The same thing with positions or shower sex. I’ll be able to physically see what we did when and be able to keep our sex life great and exciting.

Some couples get into a rut, and while N and I haven’t, that doesn’t mean we won’t. So why wait until a point like that before making sure our sex life stays as amazing as possible?

It’s a great idea for all couples to track their sex life to prevent ruts and keep things interesting as is being mindful during sex. Plus keeping track can help you mark down the extra special times so those amazing details are always there for you to look back on and remember.

The app I use is called Sex Life. It’s an Android app (I love my HTC+7) and the best part is the icon on your phone only says “secret diary” so you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing it if you don’t want to share that you have one. For apple users try the Nice app!

2020 is going to bring so much more to my blog so please make sure you are subscribed and don’t forget to share my blog with your sex-positive friends. ❤️



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