The End? – The Christmas Cabin – Part 5

Jessica –

Colin and I were the first to arrive at the cabin. It was quiet and quaint on the outside as it was built out of wood. But the inside was a modern interior-designer’s wet-dream. There were 5 bedrooms and five bathrooms. And it was much more spacious then I thought it might be looking from the outside.

“Do you like it?” Colin asked.

I nodded my head as I walked around the inside.

“Would you like a tour before the others arrive?” He asked.

“Yes. I’d love one.” I said and followed him through the living area into the dining room and then into a massive kitchen. There was a bathroom off the side of the kitchen.

He led me up the most gorgeous mahogany  winding stairs. We stepped onto the second floor and he walked me around pointing out the four bedrooms which were spacious with a touch of both rustic and modern design. The first two had ensuite bathrooms and the last two at the end of the hall were smaller and shared a bathroom that was located in the hallway.

“Where’s the fifth bedroom?” I asked.

“Follow me.” He said. I followed him back down stairs and out to the living room. There were two doors I had noticed on our way in. I figured one was a closet and the other possibly to a basement. He opened the door to to the left, the one I thought was for a closet and flipped on a light. It was the master bedroom. We stepped inside. It was decorated much like the other four, but almost double the size. The bathroom had a separate jacuzzi tub and large shower.

“So what do you think?” He asked

“It’s gorgeous.”

Colin eyed the bed then looked back at me. “Should we test it out before everyone gets here?”

I nodded my head and knowing we had to hurry, we tore our clothes off each other. I was wet and ready for his hard dick.

I climbed onto the bed and Colin said “wait, I want you to ride me.”

He laid down and I climbed on top of him, lowering myself down onto him, going slowly just to tease him a bit. And when he was fully inside of me he grabbed my hips and I started rocking back and forth hard and fast. Feeling every inch of him deep in me.

With his help I moved faster, slightly bouncing as I rocked. His cock slid in and out of me and I moaned, focusing on the pleasure.

And just as we heard someone yell out “hello!” In the living room the both of us came. Our orgasms crashing into one another causing a more intense feeling. My pussy throbbed around Colin’s throbbing cock. I tried to keep my moans quiet but it was hard as the orgasm ripped through me. As I came back down, I laid on top of him.

“We better get out there.” He said and smacked my ass.

I laughed.

Blake –

“Hello!” I yelled into the empty living room. “That’s strange, Colin’s truck is out front. Maybe they went for a walk.”

Leslie and I sat down on the couch.

“This is a really nice place.” She said.

“Yeah. I was the one that showed him the listing. I should have snagged it for myself. But I knew he had been wanting one for a while.”

“Was there a previous owner?” She asked.

“The person who was having it built, died in a car accident right before they were able to move in. The daughter put it up for sale because she said it was too much for her to maintain. I don’t think they were very close.”


He front door opened and a girl I had never met walked in with none other than Mark. Colin’s frenemy. Leslie jumped up.

“Sarah!” She hugged the girl

I stood up and Leslie introduced me to Sarah I shook her hand and then she introduced me to Mark.

“We know each other.” Mark said. But without any of the animosity I had expected. He was holding a bottle of Proper 12. “This is for Colin. Is he around?”

I shrugged. “His truck is here but I haven’t seen him.”

The door behind me opened up and out came Colin and Jessica. Her cheeks as red as a tomato and I instantly knew what they were doing.

“Well, hello everyone.” He said. “I was giving her a tour.”

“Of your dick?” Leslie joked and then hugged Jessica. And then introduced her to Sarah.

“Did you go to Front Range?”

Sarah nodded. “Yes, for a little bit. Oh wait! I remember you! We were in a critiquing group together in creative writing.”

“Such a small world.” Jessica said.

“Ah hello Mark.” Colin said.

Mark handed him the bottle “a peace offering. Sarah really wanted to come and didn’t want to go without me.”

“It’s all good. Thank you.” He said and the two shook hands.

“Where is the rest of the group? Two more are coming right?” I asked.

“Yeah. Whitney and Jackson. They are running late. How about a tour?”

Colin gave us a tour of the house, allowing us to choose whatever bedrooms we wanted. Leslie and I chose one of the bigger bedrooms right next to Sarah and Mark. Leaving two rooms for Whitney and Jackson to choose from. Mark brought us downstairs to the basement where there was a hot tub to the left and a wet bar at the far back wall.

“This place is so cool.” Leslie said and then whispered to me that we should try out the hot tub. I laughed and agreed.

After the tour, the others wanted to take a walk in the woods. Colin needed help gathering wood for the fireplace and while I felt bad, I declined to help. Opting to stay back for the arrival of Jackson and Whitney.

Once the others had left, Leslie grabbed my hand. “Let’s go before the others do show up.”

I followed her down the stairs. I loved her craziness. This girl was going to get me into a lot of trouble and I liked that.

She stripped down to nothing and turned on the Jets, slipping down into the hot water. She had a playful look in her eye that drove me wild. I took my clothes off and hopped in with her. I sat down and she moved over to me. Sitting down onto my lap. My cock had already been half-hard and once she sat on my lap, her legs spread over mine. It was fully hard.

“Ooo. Someone is already ready.” She said.

I kissed her “it’s not hard to get hard around you.”

She adjusted her body, lifting up some and I held my cock up for her. She slipped right on to it. Her tight, very wet, pussy clung tightly to me and we both moaned. She moved her body up and down on mine. The pleasure gripping us both.

She sucked air in through her teeth, “fuck!” And she bounced herself harder. I groaned into her ear as she wrapped her arms around me and moved.

It didn’t take long before she was moaning louder. “I’m gonna come” she repeated before yelling out “I’m coming!”

She climbed off me and without direction from me bent over the side of the hot tub I grabbed her hips and shoved myself back inside of her. I thrust in and out of her pussy while she moaned and told me how bad she wanted it. How much harder she needed it.

So I fucked her harder. I had forgotten how much harder it was to come in water, let alone, hot water. But I kept going.

“I’m coming. Ohhh ohhh my god.” She yelled out and I continued pounding her sweet pussy until I finally got my own release.

I pulled out of her and we sat in the tub for a few minutes trying to catch our breath.

Sarah –

“I’m coming!” I heard someone yell when I slipped back into the cabin to grab my hat.

“wow.” I mumbled half grossed out to hear my cousin getting fucked. I grabbed my hat and ran out of there, rushing to join the others. But as I stepped out onto the front porch, a car pulled up. I recognized it as Mark’s best friend, Jackson’s car.

I walked over to them. ” You don’t want to go in there yet. Blake is getting it on with my cousin right now and I don’t think you want to hear it.”

The two laughed and I hugged Whitney. “I’m so glad you’re the one he brought.”

“Me too.” Whitney said smiling at Jackson with a look of pure love in her eyes.

“The others are getting wood for the fireplace.” I said. They agreed to just follow me and let the other two have their fun. We walked just a few feet from the cabin before we heard the voices of the others.

“Look who I found.” I told the group.

“Hey Jackson. Hey Whitney.” Mark said throwing a log onto the pile that they had already started.

I introduced Whitney to everyone as Jackson already knew everyone. What I loved the most about Whitney was that she wasn’t shy at all. She jumped right in on helping us and after thirty minutes we had a nice pile.

When we brought some into the house, I was surprised to see Leslie and Blake sitting on the couch.

“Oh when did they get here?” Blake asked standing to shake Jackson’s hand who then introduced Leslie to the pair.

“About the time my dear cousin was saying something about going somewhere.” I said with a wink.

She looked mortified. “Wait, you heard us?”

“Yeah. I got cold and came back in for my hat. I ran out pretty quick and ran into these two who were just pulling up.”

Blake laughed. “Oops.”

Colin and the guys worked on bringing in the firewood and getting the fire started while me and the girls went into the kitchen where we started on dinner. We bonded over the chicken meal we were preparing. All of us laughing and talking about everything under the sun.

“who wants a drink?” Jessica asked.

“Me.” The three of us said in unison.

She pulled a bottle of vodka out of the freezer and a bottle of seltzer water, cranberry juice and a thing of lime juice from the refrigerator. She grabbed four glasses from the cupboard and put a couple ice cubes in each and then she measured each ingredient into our glasses before stirring them and handing them off. We held them up and said to “cheers” to the Christmas season.

“Woah. This is so good” I said to Jessica. “where did you learn to make such a good cocktail?”

“college.” She laughed. “I started making all the drinks at all the parties. It’s actually how Colin and I met. It was his frat’s party and I was in the kitchen mixing up the drinks and I guess he was taken by my drink mixing skills.”

We laughed and started chatting about how we met our significant others. The guys joined us in the kitchen shortly after and started doing shots of proper 12 and the other various whiskey’s Colin had brought. Jessica refilled our drinks and by the time dinner was done, we were all pretty buzzed or drunk.

We sat down to eat and Mark whispered in my ear “you’re gorgeous. You know what I wanna do to you?”

I shook my head.

“I want to lick every inch of this body.” A shiver ran down my spine.

And then he stood up. “If you excuse us, I need to talk to Sarah about some time sensitive things.” He didn’t wait for a response, just grabbed my hand, pulled me up and led me out of the kitchen and up to our room.

“What was that about?” I asked when he closed the door behind us.

He looked down and I saw his massive hard-on through his jeans.

“Ohh.” I said and dropped to my knees. I unzipped and unbuttoned his pants and pulled his cock out through the slit in his boxers. I opened my mouth and closed it slightly around the tip where I licked around it and teased him.

“fuck.” He moaned.

I took him farther into my mouth. My hand at the base, twisted back and forth and I sucked him hard. He leaned slightly back and moaned more as I pleased him.

I paused, pulled my jeans and panties down and put him back in my mouth. I started rubbing my clit as I sucked him. I wanted to taste the saltiness of his cum. I wanted to cum from knowing I made him from my mouth.

I sucked hard twisting my hand and moving my head back and forth.

“oh shit. Don’t stop.” He said between breaths. I continued to please him and myself at the same time. I felt my own self getting closer and rubbed my clit harder which in turn made me squeeze a little harder with the hand that was on his cock.

“oh fuck.” He said and then suddenly I felt my own orgasm hit me as his cum filled my mouth. I jerked from my own as his cock throbbed in my mouth, shooting streams of hot cum down my throat.

I pulled back and wiped at the corners of my mouth.

“Holy fuck that was so hot.” Mark said. “We better get back.”

I agreed and pulled my panties and pants back up.


Whitney and I were on our way to our room when we heard Mark’s voice say “oh shit don’t stop.” The door was left cracked and we weren’t sure if they knew or not but we peeked and saw Sarah giving Mark a blow job. We quietly laughed and went to our room at the end of the hall.

“Too bad we didn’t get an attached bathroom.” Whitney said as we put our stuff down on the floor.

“Yeah but we do have that bathroom all to ourselves.” I said. We peeked into the bathroom. It didn’t have a bath tub but it did have a large shower with glass doors.

“Awe no bathroom.” Whitney said.

“There’s a hot tub downstairs.” I reminded her.

“Yeah, a tainted one.” She said with a laugh.

We walked toward the stairs when Sarah and Mark’s door opened.

“How was the conversation?” Whitney asked.

“Good.” The pair said in unison.

We laughed because we knew what was going on and went back downstairs where everyone had moved into the living room. Blake and Leslie were setting up a game of Cards Against Humanity.

“I love this game.” Whitney said and went over to see if they needed any help.

“So she finally gave you a chance, huh?” Mark said, poking fun at the fact that I’d been in love with her for so long.

“Yeah, it still seems so unreal to me.” I said.

The eight of us sat down around the living room, ready to play the game but before we started Jessica and Colin handed out a gift bag to each of us.

“We thought since it’s Christmas we would get everyone something. I know we said no exchanging gifts but we wanted to show our appreciation for all of you wanting to come up here for a Christmas celebration.” Colin said.

“Don’t worry about getting us anything in return.”

“Is mine going to have coal?” Mark joked.

Colin looked at him “maybe.” He said and the two shared a laugh. I knew they had, had an issue with each other in the past and it was nice to see them getting along.

We all opened our bags at the same time. Mine had a black throw blanket, a bottle of crown Royal, and a  rolex watch. It looked like all the guys got the same thing.

“What did you get?” I asked Whitney.

She showed me hers. Which was a bottle of wine, a red throw blanket and a pair of diamond earrings from Tiffany’s.

“Wow. You guys. This is amazing. Thank you.” I said to the pair. Colin held up his drink and pointed it toward me.

We got into our game of Cards Against Humanity which had us laughing for the next few hours. The night became later, we all became a little more drunk and tired. Sara and Mark were the first to turn in.

“I need a shower.” Whitney said.

“Let’s go take one.” I said.

A chourse of “oooo’s” came from the group and we laughed. We said our goodnights and I followed Whitney up the stairs. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her lucsious ass.

We went right into the bathroom where Whitney turned the shower on all the way and we quickly removed our clothes and got inside. It was large enough for both of us to fit in and then some. There was soap sitting on the ledge in the shower and we grabbed some and began to lather each other’s bodies.

She wrapped her arms around my neck, her soapy body pressed into mine and our lips met. Her tongue found it’s way into my mouth and we kissed like that for what seemed like hours. We moved into the water and rinsed the soap off, still wrapped up in each other. Then I pulled back pushed her against the wall and slid a finger inside of her.

Fingered her while she cried out in pleasure, adding a second finger. I made the “come here” motion with my fingers inside of her and felt her body tighten up around me. Her eyes screwed tightly shut and she moaned as she came.

When I pulled my fingers out of her she stood up and wrapped her arms around me. Not saying anything, just pressing her lips to mine and once more her tongue slid inside of my mouth. I helped her wrap her legs around me and then backed her into the wall. My cock slid easily inside of her and I started fucking her.

We were no longer kissing as we were both taking in the pleasure of one another’s bodies. I bounced her up and down on my cock against the wall.

She bit her lip and moaned as her breathing turned into panting and she begged me to fuck her harder.

Her nails dug into my shoulder blades and I fucked her harder. My cock going deeper inside of her. It sent us both into earth shattering orgasms. And my legs shook from the intense pleasure.

“Holy fuck that -“

“was so good.” She finished for me.

She unwrapped herself and I set her down.

“My orgasms are usually a little more numbed when I’ve been drinking, but that was fucking fantastic.” I said and then kissed her perfectly pouty lips.

“Same for me. Your cock is amazing.” She said.

We finished up in the shower and wrapped ourselves in towels before making a dash to our room where we talked until we both fell asleep.

The four couples enjoyed a breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon the following morning before venturing off to their own homes. Their own lives. Each of them leaving with a new sexy memory and anticipating the next time they might get to experience the Christmas Cabin which was filled with an overwhelming sexual energy. Would they continue to see each other? Would they hang out? Would the couples stay together or find new lovers?

Find out in my 4 book series debuting soon…



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