2020 Goals

My goal for 2019 was to wear heels all the time since I never do. I didn’t meet this goal. I can say I wore them more than I have in the past, but not as much as I would have liked to. Wearing heels all the time with children, especially a toddler, is much harder than I thought.

So now I’ve thought of some more realistic goals for 2020.

1. Read More Erotica

A more realistic goal for me would be go read more. Not just more books, but more erotca. I read more than I ever have, but there still wasn’t enough erotica. (Hello, Stephen King!) So my goal this is year is to read at least 60% erotica.

2. Dress Up More

I dressed up more than I have in 2019, than I have I years. I loved it so much. (Even if we ended up at a sporting goods store every time I did.) This is something I want to continue doing. I’d like to aim to wear more heels but I won’t make that a goal. Because that didn’t work out so well for me.

3. Make This Site More Inclusive

I said in my New Content post that I wanted to make my site more inclusive in 2020. So I have marked it as one of my goals. I want everyone from any walk of life to feel included here. Sex is after all, natural to ALL humans.

4. Find A Good Store To Replace V.S.

This is a priority. I need a good store to replace the store that shall not be named. I will not give a single penny of my money to that store in 2020 (or ever again). So I need to find a good store to replace it. I know that Soma is not a good replacement. I had a friend suggest Aerie to me. It’s next on my list to try. They have some cute and sexy things I want to try. And their model’s aren’t featured as airbrushed, impossibly “perfect”, non-existent, photoshopped women. They are featured as real women, with real curves, with real cellulite, and with real stretch-marks.

5. Add Extra Content

I want to do something different this next year. So one of my goals is to go above and beyond what I did this past year. Whether that’s to start a sex-positive YouTube channel (obviously non-monetized because Heaven forbid someone talk about sex on YouTube) or a podcast or even just audio recordings of reading erotica. I want to reach you all with some new type of media this next year.

6. Top 100 Sex Bloggers

I want to see my blog make it onto a Top 100 Sex Bloggers list. This is my ultimate 2020 goal. It would seriously be a dream come true when I achieve this. (Best way to help is to share my blog with your sex-positive friends!)

These are my goals for the year. I want to come back next year and edit this post, striking out what I have accomplished. Overall I want 2020 to be an amazing, kickass, sex-positive filled year.



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