10 White Elephant/Secret Santa Gifts That Are Just As Naughty As You

I’ve gone on the hunt again for more naughty fun secret santa/white elephant gifts. This time I’m bringing you ten under twenty dollars. Most are from Amazon, a few are from Etsy but all are hilariously sexy.

1. Cock The Way Grandma Liked It Cookbook

Cock, The Way Grandma Liked It: 50 Mouth-Watering Chicken Recipes That Will Blow Your Mind – A Delicious and Funny Chicken Recipe Cookbook That Will Have Your Guests on Amazon for $13.49

This cookbook will surely take center stage in the shock department. And if your friends or the person you’ve gotten for secret santa have a great sense of humor, this is the perfect gift for shock and surprise.

2. This Naughty Wine Glass

I love to wrap both my HANDS around it and SWALLOW, Funny Stemless wine glass, perfect for Bachelorette parties, Bachelorette Gift, 15oz Laser Engraved Design, Gag Gift for Women, Gift Idea for Her
Amazon for $14.90

This wine glass is perfect for a naughty gift even for someone that doesn’t drink wine. It’s simple and naughty at the same time.

3. A Naughty Party Game

Hand Jobs Party Game – A Funny, Social Game
Amazon for $10.00

For anyone who has ever played Cards Against Humanity you know that game can get naughty and fun. Here’s another naughty game that would be perfect as a white elephant gift.

4. The Dick Pics Women Actually Want

Nature’s D’ck Pics 2020 Wall Calendar | Funny | Gag | White Elephant | Secret Santa
Amazon for $19.99

These dick pics are natural and beautiful. These are the ones women wouldn’t mind getting. So why not get it for your secret santa person?

5. Santa’s Favorite Ho Coffee Cup

Santa’s Favorite Ho Mug Funny Secret Santa Gifts White Elephant Gifts or Yankee Swap Gift Coffee Mug Tea Cup Green
Amazon for $14.99

Everyone wants to be his favorite ho because it won’t matter if you’ve been naughty this year, he’ll give you whatever you want. Get this gift and watch people fight over it. I think that’s called “Christmas Magic”.

6. Kitty Carpet or Pussy Toupee?

Kitty Carpet Reusable Downstairs Toupee Merkin, One Size – Great Gag Gift (Christmas Tree Green)
Amazon for $8.95

This is perfect for all the people wishing their shaving skills were more artistic. They have other designs as well including a heart and a four leaf clover.

7. BBQ is Like Sex

Perfect Funny Holiday Gift – “BBQ Is Like Sex”
Etched Glass – Pint or Double Old Fashioned
Etsy for $15.00

Not only is this glass hilarious, but it’s so correct. If you’ve got a guy as your Secret Santa Giftee this might just be right up their ally. And if you’re going to a dude only white elephant party here’s the perfect gift to bring.

8. Talk Dirty To Me Face & Body Wash

Funny Charcoal Face & Body Wash / Talk Dirty To Me / Novelty / Gag Gift
Etsy for $14.49

This gift is funny AND practical. Everyone loves a good body wash. There’s even more hilarious items listed in their Etsy store. Like the “Salty Nuts Ball Wash” or “Jingle My Balls Hand Wash”. So if this specific one doesn’t do it for you, you’re sure to find something that will “tickle your pickle”.

9. After Sex Towel

White Elephant Gift, Funny Gift Idea, Gag gift for boyfriend, Gag gift for husband, Funny Couples Gift, inappropriate gift, Stocking Stuffer
Etsy for $12.95

Here’s another funny, yet practical gift. We all need one of these in our lives. There’s also a customize-able “wanky wipe” for your single giftee’s.


Bright Yellow Willie Warmer – Peter Heater – Cock Cozy – Cock Sock – Bachelor Party – Gag Gifts
Etsy for $12.99+

Here’s a “Willie Warmer”. They come in various colors and sizes! So if you’re buying one I’d just go with an average size. Plus it would be a pretty hilarious White Elephant gift. They also sell a “One Eyed Monster Plushie”. (My favorite descriptive term has to be “Peter Heater”.)

Hopefully something on this list is perfect for you. And don’t forget to check out my store! 20% off lasts until Saturday! Use code CYBERWEEK.