My Search For a New Underwear Store

After all the shady things that have been said and done by Victoria Secrets, I’ve been boycotting them. But I need a new panty/lingerie store. I’ve done a review on the lingerie store in my town, Double D’s Discreet Delights. But that’s just lingerie. Their bra and panty section isn’t the best and I really need a store that sells sexy AF underwear. I’d prefer a physical store so I can feel and look at the items I want. Plus then I have instant gratification because I don’t have to wait 5-7 days to get them.

Target has some great panties, sometimes. Lately their selection has been a little sub-par and I’m disappointed. So after some googling, I found another lingerie store at the local outlet mall. It’s called

I had never been in there before and honestly I didn’t even realize what they sold until I googled “underwear stores near me”.

So I go in and instantly I see gorgeous pajama sets. I didn’t purchase any on this trip, but maybe I’ll go back and pick some up and write a review. They have a wide selection of intimate and regular pajamas.

The atmosphere of the store has a semi-luxury feel to it. But I seemed to be the youngest customer in there. Which was sort of a red flag for me. The underwear was quite expensive and the selection was small.

I ended up buying five pairs of panties and a new bra (which is comfy but not sexy at all) even though I was disappointed there weren’t overly sexy things inside the store.

Here’s the five pairs of panties I bought and my opinions on them.

Black Lace Hipster

Honestly, I like these. they are comfortable and they don’t look too terrible on my ass. But they are not my favorite.

Comfort: 9/10

Sexiness: 1/10

Pink/White/Black Lacy Boyshort

I thought these panties were absolutely gorgeous. I just had to get them. I loved VS’s boyshorts for a long time and thought maybe these would be great too, I was wrong. They fit me weirdly and seem to almost flatten my ass. They are uncomfortable and hang loosely for a size small.

Comfort: 1/10

Sexiness: 0/10

Black & Gold Lacy Thong

This is one of my favorites from the underwear I picked up. Probably because it’s just a basic lacy thong. Unfortunately, they didn’t have too many thong choices. And lacy thongs aren’t the most comfortable underwear in the world, but they are the one of the sexiest pair in this bunch so I’ll let the comfort thing slide a bit.

Comfort: 3/10

Sexiness: 8/10

Black Lacy Retro Thong

This one was a little weird. as the sides go high up and it takes some getting used too. These were just about the most uncomfortable pair of underwear I’ve ever put on and I just don’t know if I can get past the weird shape of it all. This pair was okay in the sexy department as it is still a thong, but it’s a weird one.

Comfort: 0/10

Sexiness: 3/10

Red Lace Thong

Once again, it’s an average lacy thong. It’s red so that does amp up the sexiness a bit. They also aren’t the most comfortable. (Side Note: I noticed the lace is weirdly made on these underwear.) But a thong is a thong and it’s not too bad. So these were one of the best pairs out of all of them.

Comfort: 3/10

Sexiness: 8.5/10

In conclusion:

Will I ever return here again? Like I mentioned in the beginning, I’d like to try some of their pajamas as they are beautiful. But for the price and fit of most of these panties I give this store a 3/10 stars for underwear and will never buy underwear from here again. The sexiness of their panties just aren’t there. I can buy way underwear that’s sexier and fits me better for so much cheaper at Target. (You know, if they ever change their stock…)

The search continues…



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