His Thanksgiving Date

“You’re not saying anything, should I be worried?” He asked.

“No, no. It’s fine, I’ll do it.” I said.

It wasn’t that I wasn’t interested in the proposition that Mr. Banks had just laid out before me, it was more that I was taken aback. Bradley Banks was my brother’s best friend and he had just asked me to attend a thanksgiving dinner that evening as his date. To say I was surprised would be an understatement.

“Thank you. You’re the best.” He said with a quick kiss on my cheek.

“You’re welcome.” I said, still wondering what the hell was going on. Why he needed me of all people to be his date. Who was he trying to get at?

“Go home, get changed. I’ll pick you up in three hours.” He said.

I did as he asked and headed out of his office building to the condo my parents had bought me a year ago for my college graduation present. A whopping 6,000 square foot condo – for the small price of fourteen million dollars – in Manhattan’s Flatiron District.

I took a shower and got ready for my night out with the one man so far out of my league that it wasn’t even funny. Sure, my parents were richer than he was, but I was not. And I was his best friend’s kid sister. And he was the most eligible bachelor on the entire island of Manhattan. Sure, I had a fabulous interior-design job thanks to my dad and his connections, but I wasn’t a super model. I wasn’t the type of girl that men like Bradley Banks usually went for.

A few hours later I was in the back of Bradley’s limo with him headed to the Thanksgiving dinner that he couldn’t possibly attend by himself. I still had no idea where we were going or who was hosting it. I had not a single clue as to why he asked me. I was sure he had a plethora of girls that would have jumped at this opportunity.

We pulled up in front of a building on the Upper East Side that I vaguely recognized. “Um, is this Stacy’s place?” I asked Bradley.

He smiled, “You remembered.”

“Of course, I remember the woman you were engaged to.” I looked up at the building through the window as I waited for his response, but I got none. The door to the limo opened.

“Ladies first.” He said.

I shook my head and got out of the car. He let the driver know that he would call him when he was ready and to make sure not to double-park again. We walked toward the front door where the doorman opened the door for us. But when we stepped through the lobby, I stopped walking.

“What?” He asked as if he had no clue why I wasn’t walking anymore.

“Why are we here?” I asked. I was a very curious person and I liked to know people’s reasonings behind things they did.

“Look, she invited me. I think she wants to get back together. So why not prove to her that I’m over her by bringing the one person she cannot stand?” His smirk told me that this was a game to him, and I was instantly in. I hated Stacy. I always had. Not just because she was engaged to the one guy, I’d had a crush on my entire life, but because she had always been such a bitch. Making snide remarks about how I was a whore and that I better stay away from her man. I never understood why because I never gave her a reason to think this way.

We got into the elevator and he pressed the button to the penthouse. The ride up was slow and excruciating. Bradley looked at me, no, stared at me in a way that made me feel tingly all over.

“What?” I asked.

“You’re just so gorgeous.” He said.

I smiled. He’d told me this before. The first time was when I was ditched at my Junior prom by my then boyfriend for my ex-best-friend. My brother and him picked me up from the prom and took me to a college party they were headed to. I didn’t want to go, but I had, had no choice.

“Thank you.” I said.

“I’m serious, Chelsea. You’re one of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen in my life.” He took a step toward me just as we were reaching the penthouse, pulled me into him and kissed me hard. I kissed him back. My mind and body were both numb. A thousand feelings rushed through my entire body, but the most noticeable was lust. He pulled me into him as he kissed me harder. His tongue slipped into my mouth, his hand was under my ass and I felt his hard dick pressed against me. When we pulled back, the elevator doors had opened, and people were staring at us. Not just people, but Stacy, too. She gave me a dirty look as he pulled me into the penthouse.

“Hello Stacy.” Bradley said.

“What’s she doing here?” Stacy asked, her eyes like daggers.

“Well, seeing how she is my fiancé, I had to bring her. You told me I could bring a date.” He said.

If I had been drinking something, I would have spit it out. I remained calm on the outside – for show – but inside I was freaking out. We had not discussed this.

Stacy looked at my empty ring finger. “It’s getting resized.” I said without a hesitation.

I had, had some minor rolls in a few films and stared in a few big commercials, I knew how to act. But all I could think was that Bradley owed me.

We joined the rest of the party goers at the table, it seemed we were a tad late and something told me that Bradley had planned it that way. There were quite a few powerful people there and a few celebrities. Some I had never met before; some I had known my entire life. So, dinner wasn’t a total bust, even if Stacy kept staring at me as if she was going to kill me any second.

When we said our goodbyes at the end of the night, I was in a rush to get out of there and ask Bradley what the hell that was all about. We stepped into the elevator and instead of getting my opportunity to ask him why he hadn’t told me we were doing this before we got there, he grabbed me, pulled me into him and started kissing me again. It was much more passionate than the first time and I wanted so badly to push him off me and to be angry with what he had made me do, but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t stop myself from melting into him and kissing him back. I couldn’t stop myself when he slid his hand down my dress and found the slit that ran up my thigh, moving it over and finding my clit behind my lace panties. I melted even farther into him as he moved his mouth to my neck, trailing little kissed down it as he rubbed my clit.

And then the elevator dinged, and we separated. The both of us trying to catch our breath as we stepped off.

He didn’t say anything to me as we walked to the limo and got inside. He told his driver to take us to his penthouse and the driver obliged. He put up the partition in the back and looked at me. A deep look of lust and longing filled his stare and I felt myself grow wet, even though I was trying to fight the feelings off.

“How about desert at my place?” He said after a moment.

“Doesn’t look like I had much option.” I said, still reeling from what he did to me in the elevator and from him telling Stacy I was his fiancé. “You know that’s going to be in the paper tomorrow, right?”

He nodded. “Yes. I’m well aware of that. And Will already knows about this. Well, not the part about the elevator.”

“Wait, my own brother was in on this and you couldn’t have even told me before we got there?” I asked, crossing my arms.

“I figured if I told you beforehand, you wouldn’t have wanted to go along with it.” he said.

“How do you know?” I asked.

“Because I’m your brother’s best friend. We’re practically family.” He said.

“If you would have asked me, I would have said yes.” I said.

He moved next to me in the limo. “But if I would have asked you, you might have been too nervous to do this.” He kissed me again. His hand was on my hip and he pulled me on-top of him, as much as he could get me in the back of a limo. He stopped kissing me for a moment and looked at me. “The truth is, Chelsea, I’ve had a thing for you since you turned 18. I always thought you were gorgeous, but the moment you turned 18, something changed and I began to lust after you.”

I didn’t know how to respond to that. I wasn’t expecting him to ever say something like that to me. Sure I had fantasized about being the girl for him for years, but I never once thought it would actually come true.

“Spend the evening with me. We don’t have to make any real plans. I just have craved you for so long and I can’t miss this opportunity.” His hand slid up my thigh and into the slit once more and he whispered in my ear “I can tell you want me too.” His finger slipped under the lace of my thong and into my wet pussy.

I let out a soft moan as his mouth claimed mine again. He moved his finger gently, in and out of me. And his thumb pressed into my clit, rubbing it. I couldn’t help But grind on him. My breathing picked up and I could feel myself on the edge.

“Oh God.” I moaned.

“Come for me.” He whispered in my ear and moved his finger and thumb faster. I moved my hips back and forth against his hand until suddenly I was coming. My body was trembling as the intensity of my organs rushed through me.

“That’s right. So why don’t you come upstairs and I can show you all the ways I can make your body feel that way.” He said as my trembling ceased.

I nodded my head. My orgasm had stopped me from forming any coherent sentences so I didn’t even try to speak.

We pulled up outside of his building and the driver opened the door. We got out and all but rushed to the door which the doorman held open with a “good evening, Mr. Banks. Miss Austin.”

We returned the greetings and headed for the bank of elevators as soon as one opened. He pulled me inside, put in his pin for the penthouse and then pressed me up against the wall. My arms were held above my head at the wrists with one of his hands. He nibbled along my neck and then used his free hand to pull the front of my dress down, exposing my breasts. His mouth went to one of my hard nipples and he sucked on it, biting it slightly with his teeth.

The elevator dinged and he let my hands go and stepped into his penthouse. I followed him, panting and waiting to see what he would do next.

He went into the kitchen and poured us both a glass of Brandy. Without a word, he handed me mine and we drank them in silence. Staring at each other with lustful looks. When our glasses were empty he grabbed my hand and led me to his room.

“Off.” He said, pointing at my dress. I complied, unzipping It in the back and shimmying out of it, letting it fall to the floor at my feet. I stepped out of it and went to take my heels off.

“Leave them.” He said and then sat on the edge of his bed. “come here.” He said.

I walked to him in my lace thong and heels. He pulled me onto his lap and pressed his face into my breasts. His tongue traced around one of my nipples before he moved to the next to do the same.

“You are fucking perfect.” He said into my tits.

Without a warning, he stood up and I instantly hooked my legs around him. He turned around and laid be back on the bed. He pulled my thong down slowly. I was glad I had gotten waxed two days ago, as my pussy was still smooth.

“Mmm. This looks delicious.” He said and got onto his knees. He put his face into me and his tongue found my clit. He began with small flicks of his tongue along the top of my clit. My body jerked as he hit the special spot. He moved his tongue down, licking every inch of my pussy and back up to my clit again where he sucked on it. He continued this onslaught of pleasure until I was on the edge of another orgasm.

“I’m gonna come.” I said.

He sat up. “Do not come until I tell you.” He said.

I nodded my head in agreement and he went back to licking my pussy. His arms under my thighs, he used his hands to pull my lips apart so he could suck harder on my clit. He sucked and licked until I couldn’t sit still. I wiggled and tried to fight off my orgasm as hard as I could but I couldn’t stop it. I was powerless and in the end I came, hard.

“Naughty girl.” He said standing as my orgasm ebbed away. “I didn’t say you could come yet.”

“Am I in trouble?” I asked when I caught my breath.

He nodded. “very much so.” He grabbed my hand and pulled me up off the bed. “Get on the bed and bend over.” He commanded.

I did as he asked. Getting onto my knees in doggy position. My pussy tingled as I thought about what might come next. His hand gripped my ass.

“I control your orgasms tonight. Is that understood?” he asked in a dominatingly sexy voice.

“Yes sir.” I replied. I had always been a good submissive.

“You didn’t hold back so now I’ve got to punish you. What’s your safe word?” he asked.

“Lemon.” I responded, looking back at him. He raised an eyebrow at me in question.

“Okay. If this becomes too much, I want you to use it.” He said.

“Yes sir.” I said.

“You’re very good at this.” He said.

“I’ve been a sub before.”

“Perfect.” He smiled and began to rub my ass. He squeezed one ass cheek hard. “your ass is so fucking perfect. I’ve stared at it for years and now here I am.” I felt him place a gentle kiss on each cheek.

And then suddenly I felt the sharp sensation of his hand on my ass. It stung and I closed my eyes and bit my lip. Letting the pain fade into pure pleasure. He slapped my other cheek and I did my best to not tell out.

“Count to ten.” He said.

His hand came down, harder this time and the stinging ran through me.

“Three.” I half cried, half moaned.

“good girl. You were paying attention.”

His hand came down again.


And again.


And again.


The only sounds I could hear were his hand making contact with my ass and my own voice. A twisted mixture of pleasure and pain and each slap made my pussy more wet. 







The last one didn’t come and I looked back at him, my eyes questioning why he stopped. My body begging for the last one.

His hand came down harder than all the other times and I screamed out. “TEN!”

“You did great, baby girl.” He said and I felt him rub my sore ass cheeks before his finger slid inside of me. “Mmm. Someone likes to be punished.”

He pulled his finger out and I looked back at him as he tasted me. “Perfection.” He said.

I wanted to come more than I ever had before. I wanted to beg him to fuck me but I knew that wouldn’t work so instead I patiently waited for what he was going to do next. I looked over my shoulder as he undid his pants and pulled them down. His boxers followed next. His hard cock stood at attention and he gripped it while staring down at me. He was thick and long. And all I wanted was to feel him inside of me.

He didn’t say anything just pressed his cock against my pussy, he didn’t push himself inside of me. No, instead he teased me painfully slowly by rubbing himself against my pussy and ass and just as I was beginning to predict what he would do next, he grabbed my hips and shoved himself inside of me.

He slid in with ease into my dripping wet pussy and pulled back, leaving just the tip inside of me. I squeezed around It and he moaned.

“You’re so tight.” He said through gritted teeth before he began thrusting hard and fast. His cock went all the way inside of me. So deep it hurt a little but it was an inviting pain. He leaned my head down so my ass was more in the air and he began to fuck me harder and faster.

I screamed out, calling his name and begging him to fuck me harder. Every painful sensation was matched with equal pleasure and I wasn’t sure how much longer I could hold back. He gripped my hips and thrust harder.

“Come for me.” He said and I could hear in his heavy breathing that he too wouldn’t last much longer.

I let my body relax and invited the intense pleasure to take over. My body shook and cried out his name and at the very same moment, in the very same breath, I felt his cock begin to throb inside of me, intensifying my orgasm. The pleasure washed over me. My toes curled and as he halted his movements, I was still trembling as little aftershocks rushed through every inch of my body.

He pulled his cock out of me and I rolled over in his bed. He laid down next to me. Our bodies naked and drenched in sweat. I felt more satiated than I had in a long time.

He pulled me toward him, my head on his chest. I wrapped my leg around him, careful not to hit his leg with my heel. His cock was still hard.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a long time, Chelsea.” He said and kissed my head. “I Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.”

“The best.” I mumbled into his chest, far too exhausted to even open my eyes. And soon I fell asleep just like that. Listening to his breathing slow, my own matching his and thinking about how it really was the best Thanksgiving of my entire life.

Happy Thanksgiving to those in the U.S.


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