Wanted – An Erotic Book Review

DISCLAIMER: This post contain spoilers so if you haven’t read it but want to, you’ve been warned.

I’m an avid reader as you can’t write well if you don’t read. I’ve read plenty of erotic fiction stories. Most of them shorts. Some of them on Wattpad and some on Amazon Kindle. I’ve read some really good erotica and I’ve read some terrible erotica.

This review will be divided into four parts; the plot, the characters, the sex scenes and the book over all.

Remember, this is strictly my opinion of the book and it’s okay if you disagree with me.

Wanted by J. Kenner

Wanted by J. Kenner

I found this book at a used book store in a town about 45 minutes away. It’s HUGE and they have such a wide selection of books. I knew I had to pick up some erotica when I saw that they had an entire section dedicated to it. This is where I found Wanted by J. Kenner.

I read the back and it sounded interesting enough plus it says “New York Times bestselling author” on the cover, so it has to be good, right? Keep reading to find out if it lives up to it’s claim.



The back cover reads as follows

HE IS EVERYTHING I CRAVE, all I desperately want – and he is everything I can’t have.

Evan Black embodies my every fantasy. He is brilliant, fierce, and devastatingly handsome. But he is also headstrong, dangerous, and burdened with secrets.

My family warned me to stay away, that I could never handle Evan’s dark dealings or scarred past. Maybe I should have listened. Maybe I should have run. But our desire is undeniable, and some temptations you just can’t fight.

And from the moment we touch – the passion between us consuming us both – I know that I will never be the same.

Wanted J. Kenner

Angelina (or Lina or Angie as she likes to be called) has just lost her uncle whom she was very close to. It starts at his memorial party and this is where we are introduced to Angie and the three guys who became her protectors growing up. We also find out here that she has been in love with Evan Black since she first met him.

The book continues on with her breaking up with her FBI boyfriend and chasing after Evan who is as much of a bad boy as she is a bad girl. They finally hook up. But she is supposed to be taking a job in Washington D.C. as a political aide in three weeks. So they have just those three weeks together. They fall in love with one another.

It’s clear that Evan is hiding some very dark secrets from her. But she has her own secrets she has locked up tight. The secrets start to come out and she learns that he’s a criminal mastermind, but he’s trying to go straight. Because her ex FBI boyfriend has been looking into him and his friends Cole and Tyler.

There were quite a few times in this book that the main characters would make a decision and then I’d turn the page and suddenly that wasn’t the decision anymore and they are suddenly doing something else. Without an explanation as to why they changed their minds. I.E. PLOT HOLES.


Angie and Flynn were going out to look at museums. He suggested an art gallery. She complained that they had done that the week before. She said she wanted to go look at some stained glass windows, he agreed. Lo & behold they are at the art gallery in the next scene.

There was no discussion or even any implying that they were going to the art gallery instead.

On one page Evan said that Cole was into art and they were discussing one of her uncle’s art pieces. On the next page she asks why he was going to leave the art piece for him (Evan) saying it would have made more sense to leave it to Cole. Evan responded “why do you say that” and she says “Just because art is Cole’s thing…”

You get what I’m saying here? SMH.

The Characters

2/5 Stars

Angelina The book is told from her past tense perspective. I felt like her “dark secrets” really weren’t that bad and I honestly think J. Kenner could have tried a little harder to come up with something better. She comes off as one of those Paris Hilton type rich girls that don’t seem to know anything about normal every day people. But then she also comes off as naive to her own world. Like she describes the inside of a fancy hotel she’s been to several times, like she’d never been there before and it was the most magnificent thing ever. Which would be strange for someone who’s been there a million times to describe the place like she’d never seen it before. She lacked depth.

Evan- Honestly, Evan comes off a lot like Christian Grey from 50 Shades of Grey. In fact, I swear some of the things Evan said were taken right from that book. But his personality seemed off to me, too. He also, lacked depth. It was as if he was supposed to be a criminal-mastermind-Christian-Grey type and honestly it was pretty off-putting.

Flynn- This was the character I disliked the most. Flynn is Angelina’s best friend and the guy she lost her virginity to when they were drunk one night. He’s supposed to be this macho I-can-get-any-woman-I-want type of person but honestly, she wrote him poorly. Some of the things he said and did would not be things that a “picky” wham-bam-thank-you-maam type of guy would do. He also showed up to Chicago, even though he lives there, the day of the memorial party, but didn’t go even though he’s supposed to be her best friend?

Kat– For being her best girl friend, she wasn’t in the story much. Even though she’s in the first scene and it seems as if she is going to have a bigger part, she has such a small part that I wouldn’t even consider her Angelina’s best friend.

Cole- He is just a few years older than Angelina and yet he continuously calls her “baby girl”. YUCK.

Tyler- Hated the relationship between Angelina and Evan for NO REASON at all. Dead-end character that could have just been left out.

Sex Scenes

1/5 Stars

While the sex scenes were lustful and made me a little hot and bothered in spots, the wording of most of them turned me off and made me eye-roll. The first one is an oral sex scene that doesn’t even happen until page 100. The second one can be found almost 100 pages later.

Both sex scenes are just foreplay for her. There’s no blowjobs. No handjobs. AND NO FUCKING. So, at this point we are over halfway done with the book without any actual fucking.

That wasn’t my only issue with this. How she describes the girls pussy was just a super turn-off for me and would honestly pull me out of the story so much that I was no longer hot and bothered and I’d just read through the sex scene like I was reading the encyclopedia. She uses the words “sex” and “cunt” to describe her pussy.

Here are a few examples. Direct quotes from the book.

“It didn’t matter. I was already wet, my sex hot, my panties clinging to me.”

“My breasts were painfully tight and my sex throbbed, demanding everything he was promising.”

“‘Oh Angie,’ he said, as I trailed one fingertip over the soft skin between my thigh and my sex.”

When I was ghostwriting and plotting for those two years for multiple people, I was told by editors (who had asked me to fix up sex scenes in stories) that if you can’t just jump in and say the word “pussy” then you shouldn’t be writing erotica because you aren’t taking the risks that are involved when writing erotica.

There were two rules that were the same for each person I worked for,

  1. No “cunt” words
  2. Only use “pussy”, “cock”, and “dick” to describe body parts

Honestly, I might be a little biased here because of the job I had. But seriously the words “sex”, “cunt” and “penis” are NOT SEXY.

The other thing that drove me nuts about the sex scenes was when she would describe her nipples as “tight”. Not “hard” but “tight”. I’ve never read this in an erotica before. I found it strange. This too, turned me off.

I was reading some of these off to N and he just shook his head. So I asked him to imagine us about to fuck and I’m all like: “omg my sex is so wet for you and my nipples are extra tight.” He told me he would probably lose his hard-on and leave the room.


1.5/5 stars

Would I read this again? HELL NO.

Will I pick up the next book in the series? I didn’t even read the snippet in the back.

Will I recommend this book? NO.

It’s a low score because it’s classified as an “erotic fiction” but held horribly written sex scenes that didn’t even start until halfway through the book.

Maybe you like the words “cunt” and “sex” for descriptions in sex scenes. Maybe you like the word “tight” when describing hard nipples. That’s perfectly okay. And if you like those words and they don’t bother you like they do me, then go check it out you might like this book.

The plot holes were too much for me to handle also and made me question who the hell her editor was to let so much slip by? And how it got picked up by an imprint of one of the biggest publishing houses, I have no idea. She must have connections because this was as if she read 50 Shades of Grey and then tried to throw her own 50 Shades of Grey together but it just came out like word-vomit.

I don’t know. I guess just pick the book up for yourself, read it and let me know what you think of it.



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