Review: Jack & Jill Adult Affiliate Program

If you’ve been around my blog for a while, you know that last year I had ads on my blog along with promotions for sex toys from Jack and Jill Adult. You may have noticed, those ads are now missing from my blog. Here’s why.

Last year, I was looking around for an affiliate program with a toy website so I could make money through doing what I love; using and promoting awesome toys. When I first signed up, I was gifted a free Satisfyer Pro Penguin vibe.

I got it in the mail and used it (which it was AMAZING FYI) and gave a very honest review of it. I had a few people even purchase it through my link! But I never saw the “18-20 percent commission” which they promote on their website as a great reason to sign up as an affiliate. I didn’t really care too much so I let it slide.

Communication was great for the first couple of months, and then all of a sudden they stopped sending out newsletters for their affiliates. It was radio silent from them. (Side note: if you’re running a company, stopping the newsletter filled with information for the people promoting your items, is not good business.) I thought it was strange, but again didn’t think much of it.

I continued to promote them as I thought it was a pretty decent place to buy toys. Then, around the middle of April I got an email from one of the women that runs the affiliate program. It was a newsletter with their monthly specials for us to promote followed by another email reaching out specifically to me about doing another toy review.

I was excited. I was given three options and told to pick one and send my shipping address… But wait, hadn’t I already done a review for them? I had been sent a toy at this time, it was in my account. Why did I have to send her my shipping address? Again, it’s a little mishap. I brushed it off. I chose the one I wanted and sent my shipping address.


Until August when I got another affiliate email. It was at this point, I removed all advertising for them from my website.

I give Jack and Jill Adult 0/5 stars. I would have given at least one for the first toy they sent me, but I can’t do that. It was the most unprofessional system I had ever seen.

So word of advice if you’re looking for an affiliate program find a different one.

Now, is this saying that the website itself is bad? No. I’m sure it’s great. The people who ordered from my link received their toys and all was great. So order from them. Just don’t sign up to be an affiliate for them.



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