Solo Tub Time

I love baths. Especially, in winter. A nice, hot bath at night before bed is something I have to do every single night. I usually grab a good book or find a YouTube video and prop my phone up on the counter.

It’s my “me time”. Really the only time all day long that I have fifteen minutes to myself. I don’t commute to work. I don’t go anywhere by myself. But I crave at least fifteen minutes to myself. Fifteen minutes where I don’t have to worry about anyone or anything else other than myself. (I rarely use bath bombs, since I found out that they are not good for you.) But the warmth from the bath helps to relax me.

But since my libido has returned ten-fold, I find that my me time has turned into my me time. Something about relaxing naked in a tub filled with warm water. My favorite rose candle burning. It just gets me going.Seeing my naked body, wet and laying so perfectly in the water. My nipples, hard from sticking out of the water and hitting the cold air. My perfectly pink pussy just begging to be touched. Sure, vibrators are great, but my fingers can get the job done just as effectively from time to time.

When I’m really feeling it in the bathtub, I can’t resist but touch myself. My hands trail down my body. I feel my own curves. Grab my own tits. Twist and tug at my erect nipples.

The urge to rub my clit to completion usually takes over by this point and I find myself sliding my finger down. Just to feel it. Just to rub it a little. It gives me that little “jolt” of pleasure. But at that point, I can’t stop. I can’t take my hand away. I need more. I need my release. So I start rubbing harder and in circles. Right at the tip of my clit, where it’s the most sensitive and my body arches in time with the movements. I reflectively jerk as I hit the extra special spots on my clit.

I bite my lip, slightly and relish in the pleasure. The heat from the tub surrounds me, the steam is rising up. I’m alone with my own gorgeous naked body.

I focus on the pleasure and how amazing it feels. And I get a little rush of excitement thinking about what N would think if he walked in on me rubbing my clit in the tub. Would he join me? Would he watch until my body gave in and my orgasm tore through me? Would he just help finish me off? Secretly, I’m always hoping he just watches.

Thinking about him watching me masturbate is one of my greatest fantasies and it makes it hotter thinking about being caught in the act and then watched with him just begging to fuck my pussy.

While I’d love to be caught, I don’t make it noticeable what I’m doing. My movements are calculated. They’re quick but small enough that I’m not making rhythmic splashes in the tub.

I use my fingers to rub all the perfect spots and I guide myself to that sweet release. And when it happens, when my pussy begins throbbing and my body is shaking I feel relaxed as the hormones rush through my body. The aftershocks causing my body to tingle everywhere.

And that’s when my bath is completed. When I feel completed. Sometimes though, I go another time, bringing myself to a quicker, more intense second orgasm. If I’m not out of the tub after that one, I know I’ll surely pass out in the warm water.

Masturbating in the bathtub is the ultimate relaxing experience and IMO everyone needs to try it at least once. No, not a shower. Showers , at least for me, tend to lead to unwanted leg cramps. Awkward positions also lead to arm cramps and by the end of it, I’m only doing it because of how far I’ve gotten and not because I’m that into it anymore. Which only makes getting to the orgasm harder. (Said orgasm is usually shorter and less intense. Even when using the shower head.)

I’ve done a lot of self-exploration this year and this was one of those things that I found that I truly enjoy. Something that I will continue to do at least once a month. (I’d still do it even if I think N wants to fuck me after because why hold myself back from more pleasure?)

Do you make time for yourself in the tub? Do you enjoy just relaxing in baths? I want to know!



3 thoughts on “Solo Tub Time

    1. I’m not sure what it is, but I’ve been obsessed with baths since I was little. I think because it’s always been my “me-time”. I love hot water and while I take showers every day to get clean, it just doesn’t satisfy my needs for being submerged in burning-hot water. Haha.

  1. I’m not a bath person really but now and then on holiday or in a hotel when there is a tub ill run one. A warm bubbly bath relaxes me and I often masturbate and enjoy the solo time. There has been occasions where my wife has helped me out after discovering what I’m doing….. Nice

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