Life Update – My Sex Drive is Back!

Hey loves. I just thought I’d give a little update to my last post. My libido is through the roof, again!

I’m so happy to have it back. It’s going to make these next couple of months a lot of fun. I’ve got the rest of the month planned out with posts on M-W-F.

Blogmas is back! Starting December 1st, there will be DAILY blog posts through December 26th! I have so much planned for my blog and my followers. I can’t wait to share it all with you!

A Little More of an Update…

So, since my libido has came back to nympho status, I’ve been having some serious sex dreams. I’m talking almost every single night this last week I’ve had some sort of sex dream.

Last Night’s Dream:

N and I were living in an apartment. But it was large and had an upstairs area. We invited a few of our neighbors over for a house warming party and everyone in the building ended up attending. Then when we woke up the next morning, I started doing some serious sexy yoga poses in front of N to try to seduce him. I woke up shortly after this. So I’ll never know if they actually worked. I just remember being really horny in my dream and waking up wet.

N and I had sex last night and it was so good. (I came so hard.) But I was so horny this morning and I want it so bad, again. I might just jump him after I’m done writing this post. I can’t get enough of the way his cock makes me feel. I’ve missed this so much.

I HIGHLY suggest switching your anti-depressants if it’s killing your sex drive. Sex is such an amazing thing and I’ve missed feeling horny all the time. I’ve missed the sensitivity of my pussy. I’ve missed the intense orgasms. I’ve missed writing and blogging about sex. And most of all, I’ve missed you guys.

Stay tuned for the plethora of sexiness I have coming your way.



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