5 Sex Toys That Some Might Find Weird but Could be Your Next Fetish

We all have fetishes. Some of us choose not to announce them to the world while some of us don’t really care who knows. Sometimes these fetishes are ingrained during our formidable teenage years and other times we stumble upon them as an adult. Whatever your fetish might be that’s your personal preference and you shouldn’t let anyone hold you back from indulging in your desires.

Here’s 5 sex toys that some of you might find weird while others of you might find that your hands can’t type your CC info in fast enough to purchase it.

Tongue Anal Butt Plug

$17.98 by MLSice on Amazon

This toy looks scary to those of you that might not be turned on by this type of thing, but it could also be something interesting that might just get you off faster than you think. This butt plug is shaped like a tongue, so if you’re into getting your ass eaten, this toy would be the perfect solo companion for those #MasturbationMonday lonely days.

Snake Head Dildo

$26.99 by UTIMI on Amazon

While the thought of snakes is sure to send me screaming, I am pretty intrigued by the design of this dildo. It’s very flexible and the unique shape is sure to bring a different set of pleasures compared to a plain old boring dildo. If you fantasize about snakes, here’s your chance to have a snake head inside of you.

Octopus Dildo

$120.00 by Erasexa on Amazon

Sure this one might trigger you if you have trypophobia (the fear of clusters of holes), but for some of you, this might be exactly what you’re looking to add to your under-the-bed-treasure-chest. These types of sex toys are also intriguing as fuck. They are designed to add an extra sensory pleasure. (I’m sure my friends over at After The Yes can give you more information on these types of toys.)

Furry Tail Butt Plug

$20.97+ by beastofnature on Etsy

For those of you that are into the furry community, this might just be a perfect adult-playtime toy for you. It’s a furry tail butt plug, need I say more?


$60.00 by fantasticocks on Etsy

Any Stranger Things fans? This ones for you. You can literally fuck yourself with a Demogorgon cock. You can think about beating the Demogorgon with your pussy (or ass, the preference is all yours) by fucking it until you cum all over it and thinking about how your cum has tamed the beast.

I want to leave a disclaimer down here that my blog is very sex-positive and I support all fetishes (as long as they do not harm others) and I use the term “weird” loosely here. I hope some of you found something new to add to your collection. If you enjoyed this post, I’ve got more coming and don’t forget to check out After The Yes if you’re into these types of things. Their blog is VERY informative and I highly recommend it!



P.S. It feels good to be back.

12 thoughts on “5 Sex Toys That Some Might Find Weird but Could be Your Next Fetish

      1. I did! I’m actually looking into investing into s few toys. This was right on point since I don’t own any.

    1. I’ve been thinking about it for a few weeks but I wanted to make sure I worded it in a positive light instead of all the others out there that use kink-shaming adjectives! You are welcome! I had to since you know so much more about some (all? Lol) of these toys! ☺️

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